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Looking to build a large website which can cope with lots of people registering, signing in and using the website, post stuff on the site, search stuff on the site, and each person signing up to get their own password and then be able to post their info on it and other people to register and be able view other peoples posted stuff. and if searching on the site for a particular thing it should work like a good search engine and only showing the requested thing asked for, if there are 50,000 people which have posted info on the site when you make a search the most relevant should come up. We need a custom build website (and NOT A WORDPRESS site)

We need a price on design of the website, and price on development of the website so if you are only good in 1 area please specify which area you can do best.

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Shpenza Technology

I need to understand your idea/thought behind this big website, hence need a brainstorming session. I am based out of Melbourne, we can do it in-person or over the phone.

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Vnnovate Solutions Australia


Thanks for sharing your requirements via Ozlance.

It is really interesting to see the quotes coming up without a thorough understanding of your requirements from a handful of agencies out here.

To provide you with a detailed estimation on time and cost, I would really appreciate if we could schedule a time to discuss your requirement in detail, thereby we can estimate various use cases associated with the website you want to build.

Vnnovate Solutions provides you a comprehensive solution on various platforms and delivers quality work each time - every time.

From your requirements it looks like we would be looking at the following features to get started with:

Registration/Sign-up and E-mail verification Post section - Add new posts with keywords, images(?) and description Search feature - the key of this portal - which will return a result based on the keywords searched and will on the back-end query based on the most relevant information posted by others as well as posts that are still active.

This seems to be our current understanding of what is possibly required and would love to hear from you on what more needs to be catered.

At this stage, and I am possibly re-iterating myself, but it would be really unfair to give you any estimate which may impact your deadlines set in mind. One thing I can assure you, is the estimates we give you post a detailed discussion would be accurate.

Vnnovate Solutions is a one-stop-shop for you, if you would like to think of it this way. :)

Happy to work with you around the deadlines you have in mind, your marketing strategies pre and post-launch as well as work with you collaboratively on unit-testing as well as load-testing prior to deployment considering a huge number of posts that would be saved in the DB as well as number of queries by logged in users.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Thanks for taking the time to go through my post.

Regards, Andy Shringarpure Vnnovate Solutions Australia 16 846 575 717

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I have many years of local experience in website development and now I have my own company. I can build this project on a PHP framework and implement all the features you need. But it is impossible to give an estimation for such a project without more detailed information, we charge $50 per hour plus GST as I am running my own company at home therefore no extra cost like rental. So that's why we can offer lower price than others. If you are interested, please contact us

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Kaarot Technology Pty Ltd

Hi We at Kaarot Technology provide custom designed website design , development and mobile app development services. Kaarot Technology is an Australian based company providing an integrated customer engagement platform.Kaarot is all about connecting Enterprise business to their customers in record time. Our cutting edge universal customer Engagement Platform advocates business growth through branded mobile apps (loyalty, gift cards, Coupons, referrals, reviews etc.). We help Enterprise business gain more meaningful understanding of who their customers are, and leverage emerging trends in mobile, big data, social, and cloud to better engage customers and drive incremental sales.

If you are keen on engaging a company that fully understands your requirement and has the capability to fulfill the requirement, please feel free to contact me via email.

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Trac Envision

Hi, We are a medium sized Web and App development team and have worked on similar projects which involves dealing with large amount of data in the eCommerce business and also creating Marketplace websites.

We are based in Melbourne and very prompt with our work.

Please get in touch to find out how our expertise could best help you out with your project.

Regards, Aadish Mob- 0450733003

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I would be using node js with react js. These are new kids on the block. So UI will be a lot smoother and intuitive. I already have implemented a similar pattern. If you go with these technologies. I will be easier to manage your server cost at low and as well maintainability of your code base will be high.

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Hi, I can do the the design and the backend function. Platform which I will be using is custom PHP or Coordinator I wont be using ASP.NET Cost for this job would be around $3000 - $3500

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Write Marketing Corp

I am a designer and developer for large scale websites and can offer a custom built, high quality website solution for you, according to your exact needs and requirements. I understand you are needing a website designed and developed that visitors can sign up as members and post stuff on the site and view what others have posted too plus being able to do a highly targeted keyword search. I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Thank you. Would need to budget around $3000-$3500.

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Sydney Designs

I am a graphic and website designer who has developed large scale websites for liberal parties, non-for-profit organisations, daily deal sites and more. I can offer a custom built, high quality website for you which will be built following all your requirements from start to finish. I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you in further detail. Kind regards

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Raphael Novaes

I can develop the back end, data base etc... I need more information about this...

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I can develop the backend using boostrap, database etc... using php and mysql

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LA Design Practice


Hope you're well.

We build information & e-commerce websites that are beautiful to view, easy to use and have an effective and well-structured architecture to ensure every aspect works perfectly. All our websites are built on WordPress, an extremely user-friendly platform that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your customers, orders, and content.

We take pride in our design and our clean code, ensuring every aspect of your website will work exactly as needed. We will go through our website design brief and set clear and structured workflows and deadlines to ensure the project is well managed. We also use fantastic interactive software such as InVision for approval of concepts prior to coding and can help with content and elevate your brand successfully to your desired target market.

Please feel free to look through our portfolio and website to see some of the projects we've previously worked on and if you've any questions feel free to give me a call or send us an email.

It's important you get exactly what you want with your website, which comes down to clear communication, understanding your brief and producing designs and clean code to deliver the results you need. Let us make you look good.

Have a great day. LA.

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The digital dresser

Hi, To quote for this properly i would need to have a more detailed conversation. Can we have a chat ? Thanks Morgana

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Blue Mountains Graphics

I can do the design work, I have no other jobs at the moment so this would be my top (only) priority. I can even handle most of the backend (developer) side of things if need-be. The price would depend on your deadline for completion as well as afew other factors.

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smartData Enterprises

Hi There,

With extensive and successful work experience in developing customized business & community platforms. We are comfortable in sharing work references in next steps and also we can schedule meeting/call as per your convenience to take this discussion further.

Also, we are Microsoft Gold certified organization along with proven success stories. We are comfortable in managing project from start to end.

Please share your contact details or feel free to contact us directly. Following are our contact details: email: Mobile: 0406 399 530

Best Regards, Rahul

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Mattigins Designs

I would love to work on this website with you.

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Virtual SupportSoft PLC


My name's Jay.I am an Web Design Expert.I would like to send some of my work samples to you for review before we discuss further on your project.Can I have your email address please?

Thanks Jay 0451657071

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Webwidget Pty Ltd

hi there.

I have read through your request and believe we can come up with a very viable solution using a solid backend framework along with a functional front end. We recommend you could create this site using PHP to exploit your sites potential along with the speed of the development life cycle. We can build you a custom website from the ground up as we have done with many other clients. We have most of the code you require (ie user signup/login pages) and build a functional back end for you to manage the site. It may also be of interest to choose a web template which can be customised for your needs. The advantage of this is you can save on development costs and time.

We have a solid 10 years experience in building generic websites along with specific "app" style web applications for many businesses. Please feel free to email or message me with more details.



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Manish Girdhar

Hey there, I guess this should be build in Laravel using vue.js ( addon functionality coming in Laravel). Why this framework? Because you have searching functionality and for fast searching we need good js framework.

Let me know if you are happy and want to discuss further?


Estimated 200 hours
Muhammad Hassan Jamil

Hi, I am a freelancer with over 5+ years of experience in setup and customization of PHP based applications plus other platforms. I am eagerly waiting for an opportunity have a chat with you, so that I can express my interests in your website. You may contact me anytime during the week

Estimated 250 hours


First of all, I have experienced so many big projects and can say myself, I am a programmer as well as solution provider and project manager.

Having been in web site building industry for more than 14 yrs, and have a versatility and flexible work environment and competitive price.

Also I have my own freelance network to give more resources if client needs. Please check the jobs done at Also my profile will show how many things going on my careers.

Currently, I have run/done a couple of projects myself for clients with large scale and Saas based application, API driven and full stack and a lot of latest technologies and develop methodologies such as Scrum, Version control, CI and DevOps.

Mainly working with LAMP or LEMP stack, I also work on Backend administrative area, so I can help any places where you might concern, design and plan will be also covered by my experiences.

Recently I have been building on couple of wp sites and shopify sites, where you don't really concerns but having large scale of applications as following. Cloud base Saas platform, I build and working on that still, Laravel 5.4, vuejs2, Redis, git and socket io for chat and fully API driven technology, mysql Cloud base CRM, lumen for backend api, laravel, mysql and firebase.

While I have been involved and developing these two sites, I learnt a lot and that will definitely help your application as well.

For your large web site from scratch, I estimate 3 months of development, but we may need more time to polish it and launch. (I can use all my prebuilt modules for your requirements that I already did and tested, and I think that might save development time)

I am also capable of handling the large traffic, what we need it in servers to optimise.

Hope to see if I could talk about it more in details. My email address is

Thanks, Danny

Deliver in 90 days

Hi I'm re-building because the site owner asked me to add user Auth + search to their site, I've been building it with ReactJS + Nodejs + AWS

Deliver in 60 days
ICT Labs

We can build it using the following technologies:

  • Python for the backend
  • Frontend using normal HTML interface or dynamic Javascript interface (React).

Here are examples of our work:

Estimated 200 hours
Edric Hoang

Hi there, I’d like to be considered for project. I'm a highly skilled software engineer with a strong background developing online application including corporation portal, social media apps, customised apps, and ecommerce. I also have strong knowledge of SEO so all my applications are fully SEO optimised so you can start getting good results from google search with weeks.

For 10 years I've worked in web development industry and so I am accustomed to working with all sorts of products and services, and in a variety of industries. I have a deep passion for research and guarantee that all of my works is 100% high standard, documented and easily read & extendible by the next developer.

Here is a sampling of the customised big websites that similars to your needs:

I highly value professionalism and hold myself strictly accountable to represent my client’s brand. I aim to form a long-term working relationship. I charge $65.00 per hour for the work, but if you are interested, we can work out some sort of fixed quote depends on the size of your project and budget.

Please, let me know what is needed to secure this bid!

Thank you for your consideration. Edric

Estimated 200 hours
Whitetower Digital

Very broad scope, will need to be defined properly before proceeding into design or development. We've built massive systems before with over 10s of thousands of current users and we use a combination of PHP and Amazon Web Servers for scalability.

We've worked with large corporate clients like ASX and KONE Elevators, and have the capacity to take this one end to end (design, development & ongoing support).

Estimated 100 hours
Ozbiztech Pty Ltd

This can be done in good content management system such as SharePoint Online with an excellent out of the box/custom designs and search capabilities saving you lots of development time. Please contact us and we will work through your requirements and provide the detail estimate. We specialized in SharePoint business solutions, Web Site Design, Content Management Solutions.

Estimated 200 hours
KarV Innotech


This sounds like a very interesting project and something right up our alley. However, it would be tough for us to give an accurate project cost without understanding the full requirements. So the current price is only a placeholder to express our interest in the project.

We are Coruscate Solutions Australia, a full service technology firm with development centers in India. We have the experience of developing website and e-commerce portals for tens of clients in India, Europe, and the US. Our team of designers and developers are experts in understanding client requirements and then designing & developing a website that is beyond those requirements.

Most of our development work is done using Node.JS, AngularJS, and MongoDB. This allows for a much lighter, faster, and responsive website that is infinitely more scalable. We are capable of handling both aspects of the project - designing and development.

Please visit for a more comprehensive idea about our work. I would be happy to share our media deck and discuss the project in further detail at your convenience.

I look forward to your response and positively working on this project with you.

Thank you.


Gaurang Shah

Estimated 750 hours
Blitzm Systems Pty Ltd

Our team is based entirely in Melbourne and we create customised scalable web systems. We have specialists in UI/UX design, web API development, mobile app development and web app development. We apply best-practice engineering processes to ensure quality and track progress.

Deliver in 90 days

We are new to OzLance and keen to make a good impression.
After 30 years in IT, I have a broad experience in technology and system builds to achieve outcomes for customers. We will help walk through design and development to be able to get the functionality you need.

Estimated 500 hours

It is simply impossible to answer this with a bid, when clearly it would need to go through a comprehensive technical scoping and design phase before touching a single line of code, in addition to the post-development systems engineering required to ensure the website continues to perform even when subjected to the constant flood of traffic it is suggested will be the case.

At any half-decent software development company this sort of project is an easy six figures, with a rate card of $180+ per hour depending on the role. I'll bid $100 per hour. Obviously no estimate on hours though, but allow for it to be a six to nine month project with various roles involved throughout. 1500 hours should cover it.

Estimated 1500 hours
First Five Eight Media

A project like this requires a discovery meeting to work out the high level requirements, can you please provide a contact email address so we can set up a time to talk?