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I want to build my store on NETO

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Peter J.
Joined Jan 2020

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Submitted 9 Jan 2020 at 22:40
Expires 1 week from now
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Hi Peter

I have built Neto eCommerce here is the site I have an example of the full extent of my portfolio at

Deliver in 30 days
SJP Designer

My experience includes a similar project that involved managing website content and uploading product images. Being competent in the use of Adobe products allows me to offer quick and easy photo editing and/or resizing when necessary.

Overall, I am a fast worker and take pride in my work, paying particular attention to the finer details; I can start work on the project immediately, giving my undivided attention until the job is complete.

Estimated 150 hours

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Web Doodle

Hi Peter,

Are you able to provide more information as to what you would like your eCommerce store to include, number of products, pages etc?

Alternatively, feel free to email a full brief to

Forum Web + Media

yes and a little more info on the number of products and your intention to integrate to eBay and amazon

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