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Requesting a short catchy blog post (500 words) to provide information to patients on how a recent study found that distraction can help combat cravings. The Journal article is attached.

main point to convey: Are you a Craver? What is a craver (high sensitivity to food cues). Why is it bad? Predicts poor food choice/diet health. So what can you do? Summary of study and results. Main finding - Distraction is Key. Time to play tetris?

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Kristine C.
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Ryan Yong

Hi Kristine,

I can write a catchy summary of your scientific report for the price of $20

If you are interested I would be keen to hear more about what you are looking for.

Thanks Ryan,

Deliver in 10 days
Catherine Fitzpatrick

Hi Christine, I am a science writer, with a biology degree and a background working for an academic publisher so I am very familiar with scientific research articles. As you can see from the blog link in my profile I have experience taking the key points from published research and converting it to a readable article. Please let me know if you need any further information.


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Ken Randall


I am the editor of a weekly news digest, which involves editting the text to create an abstract of the article in question. I am also a newsletter editor, and the editor of another newsletter in the past. I am qualified as a teacher of English as a Second Language (TESOL) and work as a volunteer teacher.

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Sharon Keleher

Hi Kristine, I would love to summarise this for you. It looks like fun. I have a background in the understanding of medical terminology foremost, which should assure you of no errors in the translation or comprehension of words in text. The other reason your offer appealed to me is because I am personally and particularly intersted in features of this article and do understand the range of key words or phrases in which this article needs to shine. The content in this article is also somewhat and strikingly enlightening and if portrayed nicely may have an audience asking themselves questions in turn in search of answers. I would love to help. SK

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Kerri Williams

Hi Kristine! Reading your project description literally made me hungry. Sadly, I have first hand experience with most of what was mentioned in the article you attached!

Now to distract myself by applying for this project!

About the blog post that I can write for you? 500 words, completely original and 100% error free and engaging. The online food/health industry is HUGE so I will be happy to research and implement the best SEO keywords into my post so that more traffic will be driven to your site.

My writing style is pretty casual and friendly, whilst still getting the important facts across. You can check out samples of my writing style in my portfolio ------> Let me know if you think I'd be a good fit for your project!


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Amy Marmin

I have a post graduate level education and I am contributor to the Supanova Comic Con and Gaming website so I am well versed in a variety of formats as well as targeting specific audiences.

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Styler Issue

Hi Kristine, would love to help out as this topic is familiar to me as I did a news story in my final year of journalism on the addictives and harmful effects of sugar to one's body! I am a freelance copywriter and social media creator.

You can see samples of my writing style and portfolio here:

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Marissa Wreford

Are you wanting a bit of a critique or a position in regard to this summary?

I can write a short and sweet summary for $20. If you would like it with an opinion focus, happy to do it for $30