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I need approx 10 questions answered based around a job application. Some questions only require a few sentences whilst others more detail. I will attach some supporting documentation, my resume and a detailed job description to help put together the submission.

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I have received your request. I will complete your task. I have been writing personal statement and answering insight questions for many peoples. Contact me for further discussion. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Deliver in 5 days
[Deleted user]

Hello - I have assisted many people in both the government and non-government sectors with tailoring their resumes for specific positions and in answering selection criteria based on their resume information. I have been on interview panels for a variety of government and non-government positions.

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Catharine @ Chocolate Octopus

Hi Amy, I am experienced in outlining key responsibility areas and an application response to each. I have also been on the interviewing side so can help you be succinct yet stand out.

I am based in Sydney and have over 25 years in Marketing, Communications, Change Management, Events and Public Relations in both corporate and government. I have also worked with local councils. I will be happy to help you with your application, it’s my area of expertise.

I can commence with a draft based on the position description questions and your resume, then we can catch up over the phone so I can interview you further to complete the application and help you prepare.

Best Catharine

Deliver in 2 days
[Deleted user]

Hi there, I am the right person for you! I am a journalist graduate and recently launched my freelance copywriting and social media management website ( Since then, I have worked with numerous clients managing Instagram and Facebook accounts and creating content

I have extensive experience working in the field of beauty, health and nutrition and science through the various projects as a journalist student and with my freelance clients.

I am creative, efficient and super fast turn around and am able to adapt to suit your brand's voice and tone!

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Mediagate Consulting Pty Ltd - John Gates

Hi, Amy, Would love a shot at this job - I am accurate and I turn jobs aroumd quickly. Have had experience in recruitment, law, administration and HR - perfectly suited to help you with your job application

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Smart Start Marketing Solutions

Hi Amy It's impossible to provide a quote without seeing your current CV and the Information Package. I have been writing selection criteria responses for the past twenty years with a 95% success rate in getting clients to an interview. I am also the author of numerous books on answering selection criteria for government jobs.

Get That Government Job - Available on Amazon Australia for the Kindle edition and Paperback:

The secret of success is finding and using relevant key words and phrases, tailoring your CV to the current role and 'selling' your achievements. I can help you do this.

If you'd like to send me the Job Description and your CV, I will be happy to provide you with a quote. A rule of thumb for selection criteria is $70 per SC but you state that some SC only require a few sentences. I will base my initial quote on 5 KSC.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dawn Richards

Deliver in 4 days

If you are not Saficed with the answers given, I will give you 50 percent of your money back that you have paid me to complete your Answers.

Estimated 9 hours
Joanne Long editing and proof reading

Hi Amy why type of job are you applying for?