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I run a Handyman business and I need content for my Handyman website.

The website looks after the maintenance of residential and commercial buildings.

I require a content writer to have knowledge and understanding of the Industry.

The type of services I offer as a Handyman are the following:


• Hang new doors or windows • Repair doors & windows • Repair/Replace door handles • Repair cabinetry doors & drawers • Full deck repairs • Repair timber fences • Furniture assembly

These main services are also broken down into detail.

for eg Carpentry:

• Hang new doors or windows • Repair doors & windows • Repair/Replace door handles • Repair cabinetry doors & drawers • Full deck repairs • Repair timber fences • Furniture assembly

I also have pages set up for "By Room Services" these will list the types of jobs each room may encounter.

From there, the other pages will focus on particular service sectors within the industry, such as real estates, hotels, warehouses, etc.

In total I will have around 50 pages with each page having 300 - 500 words. SEO relevent content is a must. That means keyword rich content.

I will only share the website once i have a short list of interesting candidates.

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Hi Peter, I'm a Business Planning expert and have written reports for Corporate clients over a 20 year period. However I won't waste your time with a lengthy diatribe about myself.

I can help you in a few different ways. Not only can I write SEO-busting content for your site but I can provide advice and assistance across a range of business planning & implementation aspects.

To kick things off I'd be happy to review your website and provide some content for free to get the ball rolling, then negotiate a price for a full body of work.

Sound fair? Give me a shout.

Regards, Andy Hughes

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Brian Smith

I have been copywriting and content writing for websites since I retired from my own newspaper publishing business and in that time have written for many clients that include Mininglink, Peruse, Copypress. etc. Most recent actual articles which I have written are available to be perused on the website < > and < > These two sites contain hundreds of articles I have written for mininglink over the last three years. The articles cover every active mine operating in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand as well as articles describing all types of mineral resources. I am a published author and have been editor and publisher of three Tasmanian weekly newspapers. I was also the building inspector for the Western Tasmanian West Coast Municipal Council during the 1980's. I would very much enjoy writing the articles you require as I have only recently completed the contract I had with Mininglink. I understand the importance of keeping my work SEO relevent.

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Damien Brennan

Hi Peter,

I am a digital marketing specialist based in Melbourne with experience in writing content for websites, marketing emails and social media as well as previous work with clients in the carpentry industry. I have a key interest and understanding of Google SEO to ensure your content is captured by their crawlers and the trade industries in Australia through previous work experience as a plasterer and electrician. If you are interested in my services, please send me a link to your website and we can discuss in detail your requirements and agree on a final price.

Look forward to hearing from you. Damien

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Hi Peter,

I noticed your advertisement for a Copy writer and Content Writer and believe that I would make an excellent candidate for it.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing Management with my most recent position with M2 On Hold as a Creative Account Manager/Creative Writer. In my most recent role I am responsible for precisely those duties that you are seeking from a candidate, namely writing copy for multiple media channels such as on hold, print, websites, brochures, and social media. As a Creative Account Manager, I wrote compelling scripts and copy for clients from various Industries. I was able to write for each client regardless of the Industry they were in. I worked closely and collaborated with our Web Development team, Made2Create, to create and write website content, and content SEO for our clients.

I currently freelance as a Content Writer for Ormesher Property Solutions whereby I am responsible for writing clear, persuasive and original copies for the company website content, blog posts and articles. I assisted in the implementation and content creation for the new website, created write ups of Suburb Profiles in WA for the website and drafted and wrote the company and suburb overview page content.

I believe that I will be able to bring the same skills and experience to make your website professional and captivating.

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Aleesah Darlison

Hi Peter, I'm a degree qualified marketing professional and award-winning author. I've worked in the fitout business before, so have some knowledge of technical terms for your industry. What I don't know I'm sure I could learn very quickly. I have extensive experience researching and writing non-fiction articles, reviews and interviews. If you'd like to make contact and share your website link, we can discuss your requirements in terms of detailed content, timeline for the project and negotiate a final price.

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Impact Marketing Services

Hi Peter, I have over 14 years experience in Marketing, am degree qualified, with extensive experience creating content and writing copy for websites, and developing websites to market businesses. With a keen interest in property maintenance developed through property investment and renovation, I know this area well. I have quoted you a fixed price based on 50 pages of 300-500 words per page. Should you require more information, please email me on . I look forward to hopefully working with you.

Deliver in 90 days