Copywriter for a new website creation + Facebook post content writing

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  • Need to write a Website content for a Creative Digital Agency (10 Page website)
  • Need to write a Website content for an Italian Restaurant (7 page website)
  • For an Italian Restaurant - Need to write content for a Facebook Post and post them in Facebook and Instagram with #tags. 5-10 posts a month. Graphics for the posts will be provided and promotion details if applicable will be provided. Not this is re-occurring work every month so please provide me a quote on a monthly basis.
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Hemang L.
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Submitted 27 Jul 2020 at 14:03
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Bidding guide $30 - $250
Average bid $296.25


hi I am happy to assist with your content and FB posts. You're welcome to a free trial of one small post to assess my compatibility.
Then the cost would range from $25 to $50 per post depending upon the size. Thanks kat

Deliver in 3 days

Hi Hemang

I have developed content for socials and websites for myself and many other businesses across the fitness, community, education and social entrepreneurial industries. I therefore bring you variety and a willingness to work diversely to your needs.

Regarding a bid - as this work is ongoing and likely to fluctuate each month around hours required, my bid is AUD $45.00/hr.

Good luck with choosing.

Warmest Regards Judy

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Hi, my bid is for monthly facebook posts only. Web content is 20c per word. Please view my resume and contact me for more information. Thanks.

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En Pointe


Thanks for promoting your job on Ozlance.

I have more than 20 years experience in journalism, small business copywriting and business communications. I can write copy for your two websites that will engage, inform and interest potential customers, increasing the chances of them contacting the businesses or taking further action. I also have significant experience in writing content with Search Engine Optimisation in mind, and developing content for social media.

Examples can be seen at, and

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



Please note, my bid is for the development of the content for the Creative Digital Agency. I would estimate that the Italian Restaurant content would cost $200 and the Facebook and Instagram posts for the Italian Restaurant cost $20 / post or $100 to $200 / month based on your 5 - 10 post estimate.

Deliver in 7 days

Hi Hemang,

Chintan again!

We can definitely assist you in content writing as well as social media account creation and management of all the accounts.

Need to write a Website content for a Creative Digital Agency (10 Page website) : A$250 Create 10 Post monthly for Italian restaurant with content & Graphics A$250

Thanks, Chintan

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Hi there I'm competent in completing this task. I have experience writing online content and optimising that content for SEO. I also have many years working in the hospitality industry including Italian restaurants! I have social media management experience also.


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Words Wanted

Hi there!

I'm Fiona, a professional copywriter, journalist and digital content specialist with around 14 years of experience - including 2.5 years working exclusively within the restaurant/hospitality space, helping to boost the digital presence of restaurant and food businesses through carefully crafted content creation.

Since running my own business, Words Wanted, for the last 10 years, I've gravitated towards the food industry - food and restaurants have become one of the subjects I am most passionate about, and I'm able to approach any request for content in the industry with a clear, confident strategy and depth of knowledge.

Most recently, in 2019, I was approached, along with a partner, to do a total rewrite of all the copy on Solotel's bar and restaurant websites. Each website was totally revamped to reflect the needs, wants and language of the contemporary customer, with a tone and style that reflected each restaurant's individual personality, as well giving each website a strategic SEO boost.

Some examples include:

Kings Cross Hotel:

You'll find more examples of my food writing and restaurant marketing content in my online portfolio:

My portfolio also covers website copy for a number of Creative Digital Agencies. I have a wealth of experience in web content writing for both businesses requiring a copywriter's expertise, and the ability to capture the attention of each very particular audience.

I've continued to work with Solotel and other brands on their social media content, whittling down blogs and event/promo pages and press releases into enticing, bite-sized FB and Instagram posts complete with awesome taglines.

Based on my previous experience, I can provide you with the following quotes:

Creative Digital Agency website (10 pages) - $300 Italian Restaurant website (7 pages) - $250 Social Media Posts - $15 - $20 per post ( or $160 per month based on approximately 10 posts per month)

Please note I am not charging GST at this time.

Overall, I'm an adaptable writer who knows how to follow a brief as well as offer creative suggestions when creating a website from scratch. I'm also a fastidious proofreader who guarantees quality work and on-time submission.

If you have any questions, requests or a more detailed breakdown of the quotes above, please feel free to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Fiona Davies Words Wanted

Deliver in 7 days
Civic Web Media

(I have bid over your budget because I assumed that was for each job, but OzLance won't let me big separately.)

Creative digital agency:

10x short pages (around 200-250 words each). Each page will be broken down with relevant headings/sub-headings to make it easier to read and help with SEO.

This quote includes one round of revisions.

Please see Civic Web Media website for example of copywriting and UrbanOps website for guide to length.

Quote: $500

Italian restaurant

7x medium pages (around 350 words) based on the restaurant's offerings, menu and history (details to be provided by client).

Quote: $500

Social media work (not included in OzLance quote because I can't do both hourly and fixed rate in one bid)

To make two posts a week (8-10 a month), plus research relevant hashtags will be $550 per month.

Deliver in 14 days