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Looking for a talented copywriter to help us produce website content for an entire website (12 pages - 700 - 1000 words) opportunity for ongoing work as well.

Must have a good understanding of SEO & SEM terminology

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Journey Surf Writing Services

Written for two of my jobs websites before and am an experienced Writer/Journalist. Write accurate, well spelt content. Competitive fee. Have time to meet your deadline. I would like to know the website idea and go from there! Please contact for more details.

Deliver in 4 days
Tighter Writer


It would be my pleasure to work with you on your website. I have done similar work for many other clients.

I am a well qualified and professional published writer, editor and proofreader, with plenty of experience in Australian, US and British English. As an independent, solo freelancer, I complete all work personally.

My work includes a great deal of writing and editing for clients around the world, in a range of fields: academic, business, financial, legal, medical, and others. My clients are always very happy with the results I produce for them.

I pay careful attention to structure, style, expression and, most importantly, the appropriate ‘voice’ for your purpose and audience. All work is carefully proofread for total accuracy in punctuation, spelling, sentencing and grammar.

My fee would depend on how much draft material and information is already available. I would be happy to discuss the task with you. I am currently in Adelaide.

You are guaranteed an efficient turnaround and absolute reliability.

Best regards Janette 0411 064 569

Deliver in 14 days
Sarah Walkerden

I am a web content specialist with over 13 years experience working across many different organisations. Would love to help you with this project.

Deliver in 7 days
Sumithra Thangavelu

Hi I have more than 15 years of experience in the newspaper media in roles as writer and copy editor. Please let me know and I can do the job for you. Regards.

Deliver in 5 days
Henrique Santos

I have more than 10 years of experience on copywriting and content generation for the following industries: advertising, alcoholic beverages, office supplies, intimate hygiene, supermarkets, hair care, deodorants, automakers, toothpaste, antiacids, anti-inflammatory drugs, powdered beverages, milk modifiers, coffee capsules, pest control, cloth bleachers, all-purpose cleaners, shopping malls, automotive retail, teaching systems, car shielding, hospitals, fruit producers (melons, strawberry), sewers public treatment, showers, baby care, customized furniture, consortiums, plant genetic engineering, lighting product and retail, electric wiring, scaffolding systems, house painting products, universities, bus companies association, advertisers association, eyewear retail and fashion retail.

I'm an experienced English teacher with more than 13 years of experience, and have been working with SEO and SEM since 2006.

12 webpages with about 700-1000 each: $300 during 4 whole days

Deliver in 4 days
Road Less Travelled


My name's Ben. I'm a professional writer from Australia. I love writing high-quality pieces and regularly write across a number of industries and topics for clients with diverse needs.

I have a strong voice that's engaging and connects with my readers. I'm the sole author of 'Road Less Travelled' (, a travel, lifestyle and culture blog with over half a million readers.

Here are some links to recently published works

The Danger of Imagination:

Travel article in Australian news media:

Duality: Is having choice really a good thing?

Travel article in Philippines news media:

I'm not a Monkey, keep your banana:

I hope to be able to work with you!

Thanks so much for your time and take care.


Deliver in 10 days
Sale Supports

I have an extensive experience and have created over 1200 websites. I have a presence in India for over 2 years and can help you communicate exactly what your customers want to hear. I hope you choose me and I will be available to you whenever you need me! I will keep it short. My work is Fast, Affordable and Absolutely Reliable.

Deliver in 10 days
[Deleted user]

Hi Ilan,

As a Freelance Writer with four years' experience spanning web content, blog writing and SEO/SEM, I have a well-rounded understanding of writing for humans and robots alike. I've worked with a number of digital agencies as well as my own clients, and can tailor my voice to suit any brand or business.

I'd love to hear more about your business and offer you a custom proposal. Let me know.

Kind regards,


Deliver in 5 days
Shane B.

I have created SEO friendly content for dozens of websites. I have also owned and operated a number of businesses with a wide range of marketing budgets so I have an understanding of pain points that decision makers have in relation to marketing and digital services.

Deliver in 5 days
[Deleted user]

Hello IIan, I am a highly proficient freelance journalist, creative writer, videographer and publicist who can provide you with the informative, attention-grabbing content you need for your website.

My writing portfolio spans a range of community sectors: arts and entertainment; architecture; business leader profiles; innovative industries; winemaking; meteorology; real estate; healthcare and travel.

Here is a link to my website which demonstrates my copywriting skills...

and here is a blog I created for a 2017 client...

Once we have devised a webpage plan and I've resourced the materials to be included, I can deliver the content to you in 5 days.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Chris

Deliver in 5 days

Hi, I am a freelance digital marketer with

I would love to assist you with this project and am certain you will be satisfied with the quality of my work.

Please contact me on 0450 546 505 or to discuss further.

Kind Regards Braden

Deliver in 14 days
The Novelist

Hi, I'm a professional copywriter working for large and small digital agencies in a freelance capacity. I have a window open right now and could nail this in a few days. Let me know and I can start right away.

Deliver in 2 days
Peter Nittes

Hi, I believe I am the right person for the job. I've been working with content on websites since 2009, and have specialised in content writing and digital marketing since 2013. I've worked on websites over a number of sizes and complexities, ranging from 12 pages to over 24,000 pages, from small businesses to large international corporations.

From what the project sounds like, it seems to be around 1000 words across 12 web pages. The way I'd crack this is that I'd sit down with you for an hour first and discuss your prospective and current clients, and what they respond to. This way I can tailor the message on the webpages to the target audience. I would then look up keywords to ensure that when I am writing the content, the right terminology is being used and the right SEO principles are being adhered to. Each page should take about 1 hour to construct, give or take depending on how much content I have to write and adapt each. Finally, each page would be submitted to you to review to ensure that they are on brand and to your satisfaction. Once the review is complete, I would make the changes where you request them, finalise each page and then publish.

I approximate that it would take slightly over 2 days to complete based on the above scope. If you'd like to discuss it further, you can contact me on 0431 252 023 or at

Deliver in 2 days
Freya Gavaghan

Hi Ilan,

Is it 700 - 1,000 words per page?

Thanks, Freya

Oodles of Prose

Hi Ilan,

Quick question, is it 700 - 1,000 words per page, or all up?