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Hi I need a quote for a job. I run an online photographic sales business which is slow at the moment. I live in the Sydney region and most of my clients are lovers of fine art b&w photography. I have a photographic F/book fan page (with 3,500 fans) that I have installed Shopify. I want to market to these fans and their FB friends thru my posts and ad's. I havent done anything else to Shopify - it has some products with Shopify payment gateway working and I have a Shop Now button and that is all. I need someone to set up a photographic style template to make it look good. Then I need to make it work with my FB page and link to my business web site. I will upload all the products and do the product descriptions and prices etc but need someone to set up the platform and integrate with the FB site. I am seeking quotes. You could break quote into milestones or stages to make it more affordable. If you can help in marketing, esp FB/Google then add that on (I have had various campaigns for these over the years). I need to start ASAP. Thanks, Peter

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The digital dresser

Hi Peter, My mother is a photographer and i run my own shopify site .. i am sure i can design/find you a great template for your site and link it all through to social media

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Ruby and Oscy

Hi Peter, I am a digital/graphic designer currently working in the office on marketing and communications in a well known Queensland university. I am looking to take on more freelance work to expand my portfolio and think I would be a great fit for your job.

I have taken a look at your website and think we can make it a lot more high end to reflect your photography. I think we should keep it minimalist and let the photographs draw in the users. I have experience in WP, and see you do as well, so I would set it up this way.

Once we have your site finished, we need to draw people to it. I think you should take advantage of your Instagram account, seeing you are advertising photographs. But we can also run FB campaigns and even Google Ads, depending on how much you want to spend in that area. We can even set up some sort of email marketing, sending out monthly emails to your fans with pieces you would like to feature, where you can be found this month and so on.

The first stage would be to update the existing website, then start with the marketing campaigns. Below I have quoted for the website stage, if you are interested, please email me and we can talk about starting and the future steps.


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Blitzo Studio

Hi Peter,

We can fix the shopify for $450(one-off) and we can ongoing provide effective and result driven facebook marketing ($350/month) for your business with guarantee exposure to your business.

If you want to learn more about our strategy and offerings just email us with contact details at

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KC Media Solutions

Hi Peter

I am a shopify partner and work with all size business using shopify with either shopping cart system or the buy now button solution.

I would like to expand the conversation on the project and get a better idea on how you want to expand the shopify platform more and see how you are doing it now to get a better understanding of the site and what the long term goals are for the site and your members.

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First Five Eight Media

Hey Peter,

I really like black and white photography and would definitely be able to build your digital strategy. I have strategies for facebook advertising campaigns that minimize the potential for failure and maximize the growth potential using data driven methodology.

I would be happy to work for a reduced rate initially to get the store earning income if that's a more cost efficient way for you to get off the ground. Please call me on 0405640199 to discuss further and so I can create a proposal and strategy to suit your business. If you are interested in growth hacking your social pages, I can also help with that.

The Shopify design and Development should be about $500-$900 and the advertising campagins we can discuss over the phone. I can work in a consultative approach or a management approach. I may be interested in operating as a partner rather than upfront cost if that helps in your initial investment.



Estimated 20 hours
Nikki Design

Hi Peter, Yes I will be quoting you as a freelancer. I have 16 years experience as a graphic designer, 6 years were spent working in London, I will be able to get a websites that compliments your current website. For the initial Shopify template set up: $240 Facebook site management improvement advice:. I would look at your audience, setup facebook business manager if you don’t already have it running set up a tracking pixel with your shopify site, create some ads ,and set up target audience options. $480. Instagram strategy: again working with your target market, work on getting you more followers, give suggestions, examples of things you can post, setup links from Instagram and facebook and help you with planning posts. $480 and up. But can do bits at a time. I charge $80 per hour.

Estimated 15 hours
Nikki Design

Hi Peter,

I would be interested in helping you with this job. It would be good to see your facebook page and business page before giving you a bid. Did you want your business website and shopify website to be one website? It would make sense to do this.

I have a lot of experience using shopify and at my full time job this is what I do, I setup and manage the shopify sites, facebook pages, Instagram pages and they link up and we advertise on facebook and Instagram. I can also help you set up the business side of facebook and set up ad campaigns where we can target your facebook followers as well as their friends, with facebook/Instagram.

If you have a look at these are websites I work on. I run all the marketing for 1000hour and Chemcorp.

Please get back to me if you are interested.


Hi Nikki, my FB site is at and my business web address is I didnt think abut having the FB shop as my business site more like a specials or limited version of whats available on my website. I primarily enter into email correspondence with clients then make the sale if lucky. I wanted my product categories on FB shop with just several popular products in make it easy for people to click and buy a standard size product. For non standard sized prints then I need to discuss with them. So I wanted to experiment to see which site would draw more sales. I already have shopify but no photographic template. I need a elegant, classy template for my b&w photographs by a well known Aust photographer. But I dont want a big shopify website, my existing website is the main one, just a site for sales, promotions and some standard sized products. My sites can be linked. I want you to set up the template, setup the product page so I can add and remove products myself. I manage 5 wordpress sites so if shopify is in WP that would be best. Then I need to think abiut marketing to fans. I have run FB ads but with limited success. So if youre providing a budget I assume you are doing it as a freelancer working alone not in an agency......that would be too expensive. I need to know yr hourly rate. I have a limited budget of course, little cash flow for some time . I dont need a rolls royce shop front with heaps of pages.....just a couple. Knowing WP setup this is not alot of time if Im putting the products up. So you could do a staged quote first and respond to above points. Staged = shopify template setup (I put the products descriptions etc up not you except first one), FB site management/ improvement advice, FB site promotion, FB fans promotion., Instagram strategy (I have Instagram account I never use). Your websites are ok but I need a classy, conservative shopfront for the older wealthier demographic who like fine art work. I am getting other quotes at the moment so will decide soon. What experience and qualifications do you have? Look forward to hearing from you.