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Sydney, NSW, Australia
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I have a custom invoicing package that was created in DBase or Dbase 4? It works on my computer but I want to make some alterations to it. The issue is I do not have the code for it as it was made in 1999. I am located in Sydney and was hoping there is a way around this.

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This is Badarivishal from India. Please let me know whether you are having a. . Exe or. . Prg file to start your work.

Is it a DOS based application. If so, I will be able to provide the solution even online. I stay in India.


Christopher Martin

If your program exists as an .EXE only, then I know of no tool that will allow you to generate usable source code that will allow you to make any reasonable modifications.

But if your program exists in .DBO or .PRG formats, then maybe, just maybe, a useful source code might be obtainable. The only tool I know of is ReFox http://www.refox.net. Please note, I have not used this tool myself. I reckon it's a very long shot, but it's probably the only one you have. Perhaps your best bet is to contact the author of ReFox seeking further advice. Good luck.