Develop database overlay for a booking system that uses Google Shgeets and other Google products

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Adelaide, SA, Australia
Freelance / Casual

I built a booking system entirely using: • Google forms • Google Sheets • Google Calendar • Google contacts • Gmail

The booking system has the following shortcomings and i am looking for a coder to make these mods:

• An overlay that accesses the data in the spreadsheet to o Enable the raising of an individual query or a range o Enable the modification of data that is already on the spreadsheet

• Ability for people making bookings to login so they can: o Access pre-filled in data such as their name, address phone number etc, and they just fill in information specific to the assignment they wanted to book such as time date location of the job o Individual users to be able to extract data pertaining to their own previous bookings. I can extract this data from my end and email it to them but they want to be able to do it themselves.

Are any of you able to do this. Must live in Adelaide, Australia


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Paul B.
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Zkythers Solutions


I have more than five (5) years of expereince in .net software development. Currently I'm working as a .net senior developer in a reputed company in Melbourne, Australia. I'm holding Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification. I'm really interested in this. I have started a small startup and currently looking for new opportunities. If you have any issues please feel free to contact me. My price is negotiable. I have added 7 days for testing as well. I can provide further support and maintenance as well.


Deliver in 7 days

I have good experience with G-Suite tools and I find this project exciting. Pls let me know, how would you like to go forward with it.

Deliver in 5 days

Paul, I live in Adelaide - near Marion. I have experience in a wide range of technologies relevant to your problem. The effort for your solutions will depend on the design decisions you have made in the initial development. however, I am confident that we can architect a suitable solution.

Estimated 20 hours
Zkythers Solutions

Hi Paul,

Haven't you finalised this yet?