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We have a complex excel workbook used to track the levies for our retirement villages. The workbook has debtors set up that need to have monthly charges populated each month to produce a PDF invoice for distribution to our residents. The invoices are made up from several sheet's worth of data that then pull through to populate onto a standard template invoice. In addition, the workbook also produces a file format for upload into our FMIS.

We have an additional village coming online in the next few months that we need to set up a new set of residents for and template for the invoices to populate.

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Toni C.
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Jonathan Lee

I have over a decade of experience working with technology at hands on and managerial level. Most importantly, I am an excellent communicator with a can-do attitude and will do what it takes to get the job done to your satisfaction. I have priced this on the assumption the existing Excel workbook is very much similar to what you need for the new village, with different data being the primary difference. The 2 day estimate is to cater for any minor clarification required during delivery, and assumes response from yourself within 24 hrs. If more time is needed to respond to my queries, naturally the time taken to complete the job will extend proportionately.

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Hi Toni,

Happy to assist.

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Estimated 10 hours

Toni, I have extensive experience in using Excel to manipulate large datasets and include automation to enhance usability and processes. I have provided an indicative estimate but could update it to something more accurate if you could share the structure of the workbook. Drew.

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I have over 27 years experience developing and maintaining various applications including those developed in Access and Excel.

Having worked with various clients, ranging from national corporations to micro businesses.

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