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My grandfather has just turned 90 he has a wealth of stories that has kept our family entertained for decades we would love to get them down in print for generations to come

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Looking to expand my writing portfolio.

Took writing courses through highschool and have ghost written for some blogs.

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Brian Smith

I am 78 years old myself and have been a newspaper editor and publisher for many years having owned the Jordan River Journal and Western Herald in Tasmania. I am a published author having written the book 'Off The Record- The Western Herald Story.' I have been writing for various websites since I retired in 2000 as I enjoy writing. I am presently involved in writing up my own family tree, "The Harrison Family of North West Tasmania." I would love to help put your grandfather's memories into print for you. I would only want you to pay me minimal costs, something we could discus later, as I would enjoy doing the work for something like $100 for each thousand words. I look forward to your decision.

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Edi Editing Services

I am a professional Writer based in Sydney (T/A Edi Editing Services) with over 6 years of writing for corporate and individual clients. Apart from writing, I have also done a lot of proofreading and editing of a number of books, most of which were published. I am also an expert in writing in a language that can be easily understood by different types of readers.

Please visit for reviews from previous clients.

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[Deleted user]

ABOUT ME: I have a background in both non-fiction and fiction writing, and have undertaken a Writers Victoria workshop on writing other people's stories. I understand the importance of capturing someone else's authentic voice. I have interviewed people throughout my working career - including long distance by phone. I understand the importance of family memoirs - and that, if done well, these can become a window into life in a whole district and be of wider interest to local history groups and even local school classes.

Can I suggest you go to (it is a public link that will open if you just copy it into your search engine) and go down to the Publications list and open the documents labelled Sower (4 issues). There you can read a range of stories written to engage readers and which include quotes, personal anecdotes and some also were from interviews that I undertook. Ignore the religious content if that's not your thing - just concentrate on whether you like the writing.

Now, re your assignment: The quote given is for interviewing by phone, writing a book of family stories, and editing into a print-ready format.

How would I go about it?

  • Usually an oral family history like this is done with an interview in person. So, how tech savy is grandad or another member of your family to set up some chats by Skype on laptop/tablet or video on mobile? If this would work, then we can do your project remotely.

  • The most natural process is the best - with you (& others in your family) identifying a list of stories you would most like to start with as a priority. Then the skype/mobile video 'chat' would be 'Tell me about ......' If it then comes out in a natural storytelling style, then it may be a case of some questions to prompt extra info (including from someone in the room who might say 'what about X Grandad, tell her more about that).

  • Then it would be a case of writing these so they had a natural story-telling flow - and staying true to your grandfathers own 'voice' or style. People talk around a story when telling it, so it usually reads better somewhat reordered, tightly edited, and with a story arc.

  • I would be happy to do ONE story on spec to see if it can work remotely (I am in Melbourne) with a skype/tablet or mobile phone interview and write it up - for you to see if I capture his voice the way you like it. I would email it to you and then we could discuss further.

  • Then if that works well, we could agree I would interview and write up a set number of stories/anecdotes with an agreed upper word limit. The spec story would give us a clear idea of what this entails then in terms of interview time/wording. Small edits to correct things I've got factually wrong or misconstrued would be included in the agreed original price, but requesting large edits because a range of family members put in their comments or don't like something included (it happens!) would require more cost - so that is why it is best to do one story for you on spec before we begin so you can see if the process works well in your mind.

  • Days to complete would depend on the number of stories and the breaks needed by your grandfather in between interview times. I would commit to producing the first draft of stories within 3 days of each interview (so things are still clear in everyone's mind to check I've got it basically right).

  • We could agree on payment by stages of edited final stories (eg at 2,000 words; or 5,000 word stages etc) so that you could call a halt at the end of a stage if you decided you had enough of the priority stories collected or if the process is becoming too taxing for him.

  • RATES: Normally my rates for writing are $100 per 1,000 words (or 10c/word for part thereof). Most interesting short anecdotes would end up @ 500 words and longer family stories could come in at around 1,000 words .

Plus $50 per hour of interview time (includes transcribing afterwards). But if he is a fluent storyteller the interview time could be down to $20/hr (as there is less time needed in the transcribing part - I would know this after the spec interview).

Payment via PayPal.


Next stage: Printed production stage not included in quote. I may be simply able to provide free guidance as to the next step.

Halfway through or at the end of the writing process, I can suggest a range of ways you may explore to produce an artworked family document in pdf to be distributed by email or to be uploaded online - through to options for small runs of print-on-demand books for your family (and wider distribution if that looks of value). I believe this question is best left until we have a sense of the stories that will come out.

Many thanks for considering me for this project, Cheryl Fairclough. Feel free to call me on my mobile 0468 422 148 if you have any questions - or text me and ask me to call you (I have free talk Aust wide). Chatting to me may also give you a better sense of whether I would gel with you and your grandfather (note: my father was a WWII veteran, so will be sensitive to difficult memories as well as the good ones)

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Words to Sales

Hi Patricia My family also wanted a family memoir written for an exceptional person in our family. She was an 89 year old Ursuline nun who inspired thousands of students to love music. She also worked in prisons supporting families in despair. And, she just happened to love 'a good yarn'. I decided to compile a family history and memoir for her and asked all of the family to contribute a story or a tribute. The result was enormous pride in the family and the large full colour coffee table sized book stands proudly in the homes of every family member, to be handed down to the next generation…. and the next. The biggest challenge in writing a memoir is getting hold of the 'stories', photos ( I know you have boxes of cracked old photos hidden away), as well as any tributes from friends or rellies, special occasions or anything else you'd like included. I worked remotely to do my aunt's memoir and asked all family members to email me their 'treasures'. It was a big job. If you are able to compile this material and put names and dates on where appropriate, it would certainly speed up the process...and save you money. I compiled my book in Blurb which enables you to have a professional quality book of text and photos which can be purchased by individual family members and posted directly to them. No huge outlay for distributing a book to each family or individuals. I'm happy to send you a pdf of 'Our Amazing Aunty Pat' to show you the outstanding quality of the book. The retail price of the hard cover book is $86.99, but it has all the bells and whistles. In Blurb, you can choose from a range of other sizes and finishes. Here's the link to my aunt’s book: It's difficult to provide a quote because I don't know how much material you have. The book I did for Aunty Pat took in excess of 100 hours. On your bidding guide, I believe the cost will be between $1500 and $2500, depending on how we obtain the materials (photos, stories, tributes, etc.). If you are able to coordinate gathering the materials and emailing them to me, the cost will be $1500. I'm happy to talk to your uncle on Skype and use emails for sending information back and forth. Patricia, please feel free to call me if you'd like to have a chat. All the very best with your heart-warming project for your uncle. I wish you every success and know you will be delighted with the outcome. Kind regards

Dawn Richards

The quote box will only allow one number, but the quote is between $1500 and $2500. I will have it completed within 30 days of receiving all of the materials. Cheers

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Rachel Whiting


Can you pllease rpovide a detailed description of what you are looking for. Have the stories been recordrd and you are looking for someone to transcrbe them?

Regards Rachel