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NSW, Australia
Freelance / Casual

I need an Australian based freelancer to design our new Company Profile brochure. Website: Brochure draft and content ideas as attached. Can supply logo.

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Emily R.
Joined Feb 2018
Submitted 19 Feb 2018 at 02:36
Expired 1 year ago
Average bid $158.33

Ewan Bryant

I would be happy to do this for you! I think I am good for the job as it will help me get a foot in the door with freelance work. I can get it done fast and will be happy to make any changes that you need me to make.

Deliver in 3 days
Image is Everything

Hello, The budget is tight but I am confident it can be met if your content is organised enough which it does seem to be. Please see my portfolio at

Deliver in 2 days
Baked Bean

If takes over 3 days I would have to look at pricing again

Deliver in 3 days
Square1 Design

I am an experienced designer who previously worked on the corporate ID transfer of BHP to Bluesteel. Your brief is concise and well done, your website has a clear design direction to follow. I can do this job for you with confidence and style.

Deliver in 2 days
CK Illustration and Design

Hi my name is Chris Kent. I am the owner of CK Illustration and Design I feel I would be able to provide you with a quality brochure. You can view some of my work on my webpage Thanks Chris

Deliver in 7 days
Burkill Marketing Communications

Hi Emily, I could produce a design a professional brochure for you. Please review my portfolio to get an idea of my design work.

Regards Craig

Deliver in 3 days