HTML5 Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Compatible Casino Game Client

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Canberra, ACT, Australia
Freelance / Casual

Please only apply if you have extensive HTML5/Javascript experience specifically, not a vague application of related technologies - We need someone highly experienced in advanced client-side in-browser Javascript.

This is for the development of a 'game client', played 'in-browser' on all common devices (Mobiles, Tablets, Desktops) and across common browsers.

We have already written a working prototype but are looking to outsource the work to make it production ready, so all features can be shown specifically how they need to work.

This must be cross-browser compatible and tested thoroughly.

It is a single live-roulette-game, with server-delivered results (an API will be provided you, using basic AJAX/JSON calls as well as a custom meta-data method embedded in the video stream for receiving game states). The video distribution is not something to be concerned about, the method of displaying video will be shown and given to you.

Our working prototype is not 100% complete but is basically functional, what we need is to complete it to a workable state for release in our existing games network. See attached.

  1. Please only apply if you are in the Canberra/greater region (within 2 hours of Canberra), we want to do in-person meetups.

  2. Please only apply if you have demonstrable experience specifically in HTML5 (game development specifically is a big plus).
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