Integrate a CS-Cart Multi-Vendor system into existing website

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QLD, Australia
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Hi. We have a client who we have designed a simple HTML5/Bootstrap e-commerce based website for. They already have a licenced CS-Cart Multi-Vendor system in place. We are looking for someone who can integrate the CS-Cart system in to the existing site design. We are over-extended work wise at the moment, and we have limited experience with CS-Cart. We require someone with EXTENSIVE CS-Cart knowledge who works quickly and affordably. Our client will have further CS-Cart projects coming up.

If you are not qualified or do not have experience in CS-Cart, please do not waste our time! Further details will be provided if necessary. Needs to be completed within 5 days. "Local" developer preferred (Australia).

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Harry X.
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IT Company

Hi Harry,

Can you please share your existing website URL?

Many Thanks IT Company Australia