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Our company has a website built on the Joomla platform and we are seeking a person with extensive Joomla experience to assist us with ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

The company that built the site is just too busy with new sites to be able to respond to our needs quickly so we are keen to engage another person or agency who is willing and able to do website maintenance on an ongoing basis. We are not unhappy with our current agency, and in fact would like them to review any work done as they have lots of experience with links to our CRM, so it is critical we maintain the integrity of the site at all times.

The person or agency we are seeking will not just see Joomla as an add-on to their Wordpress experience, but will have lived and breathed it so they can drive it like an F1 driver in his car. You are not just looking for large scale web development projects but happy to be doing smaller projects for upgrades and maintenance. Things such as new landing pages for our adwords campaign, updates to photos and copy throughout the site, development of new pages, forms etc. Projects will be sent though as and when required and you can either charge on a project basis or a monthly retainer, whichever suits both parties.

If you can demonstrate good design skills too, that would work in your favour although we have a graphic designer who does the main work, but having some sense of design as a web developer is always helpful

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