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I need a program written to test a product concept. It is part of a larger commercial project, which may result in manufacture and distribution of a software dependent electronic consumer product. Program will only need to run on my windows 10 laptop and uses pHash open source comparison algorithms. This software is analogous to song ID apps such as Shazam, but much simpler.

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I am a highly skilled software engineer with a bachelor degree of computer systems engineering, doing a master's degree here in Sydney.

I have experience with many programming languages and technologies as well as software engineering and design concepts and algorithmic complexity.

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Hi, I'm currently a software engineer working for a company, I like to do your job after hours. Please check my profile. Thanks.

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Web Network Pty Ltd

Hi, would like to have chat to discuss project and it's budget and deadline. Regards, San

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Zubair Abdullah
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Michael J Smith

Comparing audio data is not something in which I have much expertise, but it seems to me unlikely that comparing hashes would work. If the captured sample begins a millisecond earlier or later than the database sample, the hashes are likely to be very different. If I'm an idiot and you know what you're doing, then sorry to waste your time. If not, then I recommend that you talk to a serious software engineer before you throw too much money on test programs.

Alan B.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my request and consider it. I know it can be done because I have a functional app on my phone, but I am not allowed to access the software.