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Long story short! I need repairs made to my website .While trying to upgrade my magento website I have damaged the way the products are listed and the shopping cart nolonger works. Below is my detailed recollection of what happened.

I followed the instructions on this webpage for updating Magento V1.9 to V1.9.X (

I unselected the option to place the website into maintenance mode because when I last tried to update Magento, this option was selected and because the update failed, the maintenance.flag file remained which prevented the website from loading.

I clicked the button to Check for Updates and about 20 or so things needed to be updated. I thought it would be safest to start with just one update and I think it was called something along the lines of "Mage_Downloader" but it said I needed to update a different thing first. I then tried to update something along the lines of "Mage_module". I selected the most recent version from the drop down menu which was v1.9.3.1 I think and then clicked Commit changes.

There was no sign that anything was happening except for one line of green text in the black command module at the bottom of the webpage. Then the command module changed to the Google Chrome icon with a sad piece of paper which usually means that the connection was lost. I then went to load and it now redirects to the Magento Installation Wizard.

From here on is pure speculation: I think a file or folder was deleted or corrupted during the attempt to update and now the Magento software thinks it hasn't finished installing so it wants to try restore itself. Also, I've noticed that the installation you have is version 1.9 but there is a version 2.0 which looks much more modern.

Regards Cameron

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