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G'day from Australia

I am ... The Wizard of OZ : a MASTER of INTERNET MARKETING

I am an Independent Media Publisher, specialising in Online Advertising and Marketing. My human team & infinitesimally small Bots from the “AI Clan” display the Wares of billions of the vendors, from tiny businesses to the products of Palaces.

Behind the curtain I’m a man pushing buttons on a computer screen.

So, behind the metaphor, here’s About Us ....

My Company is MagicEditorOZ, previously Magic Video Ads Online.

You can verify our claims instantly with 3 or 4 Magic Words.

We advertise the products & services of established Affiliate Networks, Multi-Nationals, Governments, Associations Small businesses, individual sports people, repair people, artists, singers etc. – in fact EVERY Niche on Demand.

Our ads are amongst the top 10 for the same keywords as used and paid for by Google,Bing,Telegram,Associations,Governments, Groups and others.

We Guarantee that Videos, Blogs, Media Communications, Campaigns, Pdf's, Documents RANK ABOVE ALL OTHERS IN ALL NICHES, LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL - in 24 HOURS.

Our Guarantee is a full, money-back, no- questions-asked guarantee, reclaimable within 48 hours.

We Dominate entire Pages for combinations of 4 or 5 High Combination Key Words, without brand names.

You get one Ad for Free, and upgrades at a small fee.

We derive our income from accompanying adverts.

……………………………………………………. ..

        CV Stanford Editore (Avatar)

Born January 9, 1940

EDUCATION: BA Honours (ENGLISH Literature), University Education Diploma Mathematics 111, Zulu 111 PSYCHOLOGY 11. Education Diploma (U.E.D.), University of South Africa University

SKILLS: Teaching, Administration, Leadership, Business, Investing , Internet Marketing, All major Internet programs, such as Word, PPT, Graphic Design, Video production, marketing software applications, Cryptocurrency Advisor, Sales, Marketing, video Production for the internet.

EXPERIENCE : High School Headmaster, Senior English Teacher, Public Speaker, Newspaper Editorial Writer, Online Video Advertising, Creator Publisher.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS Contributor to Publications & School Magazines, Speech Writer Copywriting ,Teacher Mathematics & English at all levels, Educational Leader, Administrator, Headmaster, Small Business POSITION Owner, Internet & Affiliate Marketer, Publisher, Affiliate Marketing Specialist.

INVENTOR: Educational Games and SEO Marketing System.


1960 – 1962 High school Mathematics, Senior English teacher Private Colleges in Johannesburg, South Africa.

1963- 1970 Teacher and Senior Principal of Primary schools, Cape Town, South Africa.

1980 Emigrated to Australia.

1980- 1992 Primary Principal of a private College in Australia (enrolment 300).

1982 – 1990 Foundation Headmaster of a private College High School in Australia), which grew from 300 to 900 in 5 years to become one of the premier private schools in Sydney.

1990 – 1992 Educational Sales and Consulting (Private Business).

1993- 1995 Re-joined the Primary School as Principal in 1992.

1996 to PRESENT (2021).


Roles: Director, Manager, Marketing Campaigns based on SEO /SEM, Brand Management, Copywriting.


Testimonials, School Magazines, and Thank you Letters from Colleagues, HeadMasters, Religious, Government and Community Leaders.

My pupils have succeeded in every sphere of life: as parents, professionals, community leaders and community and spiritual leaders, teachers, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs , philanthropists and politicians.

The following are examples of our work:

We have published over 450 sites in multiple niches.

You may verify our claims about them by clicking the links of searching on any platform.

              HEALTH & HEALING

ABOUT Cerule® Cerule® was founded on innovative, science-based products - THOUSANDS of recorded cases include - Alzheimer Autism Neural Degenerative Diseases & Injuries Ocular Corneal regeneration Anaemia & Other Blood Conditions including Crohn's Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoporosis Muscle Repair Liver Disease Cirrhosis Multiple Myeloma Cancers Lymphoma Heart Disease Mood Disorders Mental Immunodeficiencies Stroke Depression Lupus Lyme Disease Apnoea Diverticulitis Infertility Endometriosis Colds Flu Dental Addictions, Melanoma Rare & Genetic Diseases and hundreds of conditions and lifestyle needs.


MIND BODY SOUL Ancient & Modern Alternatives


Your personal Google travel agents for flights, best routing, planning, scheduling and best deals worldwide, for every aspect of your journey: flying, car hire, touring, and more.



POLITICS the Fake President & His Allies

CONTACT Managing Director , Stanford Editore

email Emails Twitter Website: MagicEditoreOz
Search: MagicEditoreOz on any browser


Share our story, missions, passions, successes With those whom you care about: we reveal the Truths That Hide

The Secrets of Health & Happiness: Ancient and Modern Natural Remedies

How we Guarantee that your website will be on PAGE ONE in 24 hours, at costs which are affordable for everyone.

Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment from Ancient and Current Masters.

The predicted worldwide recession coming October/November : why the rulers and dictators have caused it to happen, and how you and your loved ones can survive and thrive.

Revealing the Truth about the Bidens, Google and the Fake media.

Movies and Entertainment

AND MUCH more About Us


We receive commissions for purchases, subscriptions, services, media from our links: we are Independent publishers and act for AFFILIATES Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company pays others (e.g., bloggers) to advertise their products and services and generate sales. Affiliates place ads or market the products or services on their website, app, or blog. Commissions are paid on leads that convert to sales " AMAZON ADS "#Commissions Earned" To unsubscribe or opt-out, reply “unsubscribe" or "opt-out" in the Subject Line and reply to Opting out is not the same as replying 'Do not contact me again' or similar. Just delete the links ( or they may already be in your spam box. The procedure applies to opting out of subscriptions, offers, campaigns etc. Opting out is a one-off process for each campaign

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