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Cunderdin, WA, Australia
Freelance / Casual

We are in need on an internal auditor who will conduct an audit, prepare audit schedule and report for our integrated management systems (Quality, Health and Safety and Environment), who knows Evaluation of Compliance, Legal and Other Requirements and Risk Assessments.

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Cristina M.
Joined Mar 2016
Submitted 16 Mar 2016 at 06:04
Expired 3 years ago

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Jennuine Services

Good morning Cristina, which specific standards are you needing auditing against and also what is the time frame for the preparation? Is it a gap,audit you require or a regular staff member for continuous monitoring?

Thanks Jenni Phelps

Cristina M.

Hi Jenni,

We have a quadruple cert; ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, OHS 4801, ISO 14001. Our next surveillance audit is on July 2016 so we would need to complete it before end of June. We do not have an internal auditor and it is a requirement to do an audit, a schedule and a report.

Thanks Jen.


Jennuine Services

I'm not an expert with environmental standards but familiar. Are you already compliant or has it lapsed and need recertification? I'm interested but am in SA and would have to know the wage and if there is accommodation easily available in the town. I've successfully assisted a few businesses with a short term compliance audit for a few different standards with ISO 9001 being one of them. I'll apply and that way you will have my CV to review.


Cristina M.

Hi Jenni,

Thank you for your email. We prefer living here in WA.

Jennuine Services

Completely understand that. Good luck with your audit