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Write a JavaFX application with controlsfx library. The app is a excel-like table represents connectivity between components. Components could be different and configurable. Connections are configurable as well.

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Michael S.
Joined Feb 2019

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Submitted 28 Feb 2019 at 08:40
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Ben Collis

Hi Michael,

I was wondering if you could contact me with more details of what exactly you are looking for.


Ben Collis

Deliver in 3 days
Web Doodle

Based on the information provided, the development

  • Requires Full-Stack Java development
  • Storage to use some SQL Database (MySQL) for a scalable local store.
  • Can probably be turned around in 1 - 2 months

Our lead senior dev is happy to jump on a call to get a more comprehensive explanation to ensure that we're delivering exactly what's required. Pricing can vary and can be reduced by moving away from Java.

Deliver in 45 days

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Intuition SofTech Australia

Can you please explain the work little more in details. Else you can send me the specs on

Cheers: Steve

Michael S.

Hi. The idea is to allow user to create and fill the connectivity matrix. The layout is similar to Excel table. The left column represents the "masters", top row represents the "slaves". Each box is the connection type and parameters. Each master and slave could be of different types (different configuration/parameters). The masters (columns) and slaves (rows) should be movable (see ControlsFX library/Table2/Column2). I'm flexible with the look and feel. The configuration should be stored/loaded from disk. The project should be easy to modify later. Let me know if you want to know more. Thank you.

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