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I need to get a case study done in the next couple of days. The case study is about services we have provided to one of our customers. ( Telecommunication/Internet service provider)

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Hansa W.
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I will keep it short. My work is Fast, Affordable and Absolutely Reliable.

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Australian Education Blogs

I have written case studies for an academic context to promote strategies that have worked in a specific situation.

Estimated 3 hours
Sal's Emporium


I have good writing skills and have experience in creating case studies. I am more than qualified for this job and would be more than happy to create a case study for you. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Here is my email address:

Kindest Regards,

Salvatrice Russo

Deliver in 1 day

I am a research analyst with experience in information and communication technology. I can provide you the documentation and content writing work you are looking for.

Deliver in 2 days

As a PhD student at Monash, I write professionally and have won several accolades and have several publications to my credit. Furthermore I've done this in a commercial context for several firms now. I could be what suits your project needs and delivers quality not quantity.

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Third Eye - word works

I have produced case studies for companies involved in records management and digitisation and a networking and cloud computing group.

The case studies also included interviewing the respective client for their view of the project and/or services provided to also include their comments and recommendations for the case study.

I am able to provide examples of the work I have done Regards Claudette Pope

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Hello - I am an experienced freelance copywriter. I am currently writing case studies for an IT solutions company. As part of my contract, I contact company representatives, ask questions relating to the software solutions they have received and compile their answers into an engaging and easy-to-understand format for the IT company. I can translate technical information into engaging content. I hope to hear from you! Regards, Hana

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Brooke stevenson

Hello, I am a research academic and highly confident to write about a range of topics. Previous experience has been for HR resources and sample medical cases

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Words to Sales

I am a customer service specialist and understand the value of finding out exactly what your client likes (or doesn't like) about your service. This provides opportunities to improve your service for other clients and grow your business. Problems are opportunities for growth in your business.

As a former licensee of seven retail stores, I regularly obtained feedback from a reputable 'Mystery Shopper' service to identify problems in my business and develop strategies to overcome these problems.

I am also a marketing specialist and proficient in developing strategies to achieve your corporate goals.

This is what I propose to do:

Contact your client (with your permission) to ascertain what they did (and did not) like about your services

Identify how to address these problems and develop new strategies to do this

Reassure the client that their needs are being addressed

I have developed numerous customer service training programs for clients in both the public and private sectors for the past 20 years - I am extremely confident that I can assist you to build satisfaction and credibility with your client and promote further business.


Dawn Richards

Deliver in 3 days

I have had extensive experience in writing case histories for clients in the IT and business management areas, including writing of articles for trade and management magazines. In terms of specific telecommunications industry experience, my last position before going freelance was as National Brand Manager of Optus, Austrlia's secodn largest telco and ISP provider, where I worked on both consumer and B2B projects.

My background: 30 years experience as an Advertiosing Agency creative director, Brand Manager, Freelance Writer and writer of SEO web site and online content. More info on my website, or email me for specific case history text examples,.

Deliver in 3 days
Communications: Keeping It real

Hi, Hansa, Keen to find out what raw material you have so far to be able to craft this in the next couple of days given it's mid-Easter break.

  • Do you have interview transcripts or detail testimonials (drafts maybe) from your key customer?
  • Would you have an example of a case study format/style/word length you'd like this project to emulate?
  • Is your website and that of the customer live and up to date for me to dive in for more info?
  • who are your three biggest customers and what are their urls (I'd be looking to see how your company differentiates from them)?
  • What's your actual deadline for this project? Thanks Regards Margaret
Created by LA Pty Ltd

Hello Hansa I write case studies for my construction software client on a regular basis and I am available to complete this for you in coming days. But I need further information to quote appropriately:- -Length of completed case study, ie rough estimate of number of words/pages -How will brief be supplied: ie q&a style doc including interview/quotes with client, point form facts, other??? Cheers Lyndall Lee Arnold

Leann Yan

Could you provide a bit more detail? It's really difficult to know how much is involved, and what skills and prior knowledge are required.

Do you need a researcher? A technical writer? What is the service you provide? What is the purpose of the case study? Can you provide full data for an immediate start?