Need a content writer for the Landing page and video content

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I need the help of a content writer for the landing page for one of my clients which includes tag line, product overview and video content.

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Jinal M.
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Hi Jim,

I'd be happy to help with your clients' project. Just so we're clear and I can provide you with an accurate quote your requirements are:

  • Tagline
  • Landing page copy including product overview
  • Copy/script for introductory video (??)

Do you know how long the video is an how much (if any) writing would be needed for this part of the project? If you could give me a general idea of the type of product being promoted that would be most helpful as well.



Jinal M.

Hello Fiona, thank you for your interest. Here is a URL of the landing page, for which we need content.

We haven't developed the application yet so there will not be user stories, instead of that we want someone to write about what application offers.

It will be nearly 250 to 450 words for the whole landing page.

For now, we just want quotation for this.

Regards, Jinal