On-Demand Recruitment Web App

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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Full time

Must Have:

  1. Web App Design and Development Experience
  2. Effort Estimation skills
  3. Ability to work in an Agile way.
  4. Wire framing and design skills
  5. Must be able to devote at least 30-40 hours/ week

Nice to Have

  1. Infrastructure/Enterprise Architecture knowledge/background.
  2. Knowledge of recruitment industry
  3. Aware of on-demand recruitment web apps.
  4. Contacts of Graphic designers/content writers/UI&UX specialists.
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Submitted 10 Jun 2017 at 01:52
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Bidding guide $5000+
Average bid $2,450.00


Hi Neeraj,

I run a new web development agency called Assembler. I've spent the past 10+ years working in one of the biggest agencies in Perth, and have decided it's time to go out on my own, using the lessons learned over the past decade in the industry.

While it's not really possible to give you an estimate on the costs until we know a lot more about the project, what I can tell you is that Assembler does exactly what you're looking for:

Must Have:

  1. I've had 10+ years experience designing and estimating web applications, the role I left my former employer was as the Chief Solution Architect for the business. I've estimated projects from $5k to $1m+.
  2. Estimation was part and parcel of my former role; I can waffle endlessly about the various estimation techniques people use to try and work out the cost of a project, however, the next question more or less pre-empts the answer I normally guide clients towards, which is...
  3. We absolutely manage our projects in accordance with Agile Scrum project management techniques :) This is one of the most important aspects of successful project delivery, and it ties in closely with best practices around estimation
  4. Part of my role was working closely with our lead UX designer, and he and I collectively implemented the process of User Centered Design at my former employer, which gave us a formal process via which to determine the best layout for your project, in accordance with the requirements of the users who are actually using it. At Assembler, I've taken these skills and have been producing my own wireframes, evidence of which I can provide on request.
  5. I am backed by a team of developers, so delivering on the time requirements is no issue.

Nice to have:

  1. I have some experience in UML and database architectural design, however I would not say I'm an expert in EA - for that sort of thing, you probably aren't looking for someone on a freelancer board :) 2. I actually DO have experience in the recruitment industry, having built from scratch a candidate management system that was in use at a company called Technical Resources for a number of years. I'm quite familiar with how the industry works, and can bring that expertise to this project.
  2. I don't have any specific experience with on-demand, short term recruitment, however I'd be very interested to learn more about this specific segment!
  3. As a "full service" agency, I can provide a comprehensive suite of end-to-end services, or work with any existing specialists you may want to bring in. I specialise in specifically website development, from UX/UI design -> graphic design -> development -> hosting, support and maintenance, however for additional roles such as copywriting, I can bring in specialists to help.

Please note that my bid below is my hourly rate, for the space of one week. Obviously with no project scope, we can't estimate on the amout of effort involved in the project, however this should give you a good starting place to understand the possible costs involved.

Estimated 35 hours