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We are a mid-size B2B company, with a number of disparate databases (sales/invoices, stock, ticketing systems, usage reports).

Looking to construct a self-hosted, customer-facing portal to enhance the customer experience, comunicate critical information and differentiate from competitors

Much of the database work to unify customer data across different systems has been completed. We have a strong history of in-house internal systems building on this data, but require talent for our first externally-facing system

PHP preferred as the base language, but open to alternatives. Core of the system can be WordPress, or another PHP framework (Cake, SilverStripe, etc), or something entirely new. System will need to interface with both SQL and MySQL databases, and possibly PostgreSQL

Project is intensed to be self-hosted, with private customer data accesible externally, so security is paramount. Parameterised queries, hardened framework, XSS and other vulnerability reduction must be demonstrable. In-house network engineer available to co-ordinate the environment.

Project will likely be delivered in stages, with increased funcionality over time. A non-published v1 portal is avaiilable for reference, but needs work on design, platform and security. Project requires unencrypted source code hosted on our in-house SVN server

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Sam M.
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Agape Media Consulting

Hi Sam - this project looks pretty big and it's hard to estimate what's involved without more information. Can you private message me, or email me access to your "v1 portal" and schemas for all the databases? Alternatively, for the portal, you might consider making a small video, or screenshots, and for the database, a visual diagram for the schemas - otherwise, we all have little idea of what's involved.