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My name is Sandra Bill and I am a recruitment officer, working with a number of mammoth firms, recruiting for them the best minds available. We are on the hunt for new freelancers and contractors daily. Today we are looking specifically for a lead generator. We will start with a test drive, the freelancer or contractor is to generate quick 20 leads for $5-- this could safely be assumed as a trial phase that may lead to a much more rewarding engagement for the right candidate. We are looking for a master lead generator, this is expected to be an ongoing job once we get hold of the right candidate. The duty of the freelancer/contractor will be to generate leads, to provide us with pointers(interested clients) that we can work with.

Different sectors require different set of leads. Leads for a Forex industry is not expected to be same as those for a Gaming industry. The duty of the chosen freelance/contractor is to look through our products and provide us with the necessary leads. There will be no selling or buying, the overall duty of the freelancer/contractor ends with the provision of leads. From the point the leads are provided, the firms assumes responsibility in following up with the leads.

This is expected to be an easy task, it won't require a lot of thought and could be easy completed within a space of 20minutes.

This is the url where leads will be generated from.

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Barefeet Digital

I would be happy to offer my services for your consideration. Please feel free to email me directly on or phone on 0432466955. Kind regards Leslie

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Barefeet Digital

Hello there, I am wondering the types of leads you will require eg how qualified (if any) . Will i be speaking directly to clients? I would be happy to receive further information on this role. My experience is in sales so I do have the experience to successfully achieve in this position.


No need to speak to clients. For the trial phase, you will complete the leads yourself and that will give you insight as to what is expected. It is pretty much entry of data into forms.