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Remote (anywhere)
Freelance / Casual

Job remotely (50% offline/50% online). For those who live in Australia. Possibility to combine with the main work.

Fulfilment of customers orders. Reports about carried out orders.

Payment from 250 to 1000 usd per day. 1800-2500 usd per month. Job part-time, 1-2 days a week, 2-3 weeks per month. The employment contract, tax breaks, etc.

Without investments, job immediately after employment.

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Submitted 7 Sep 2015 at 05:15
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$1800 / 35 = 51 hours a month/8 hour days = 6 days work (2 days x 3 weeks). Have to declare and pay tax on this. I would take good care of your business and make good evaluations through reporting.

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Estimated 8 hours

Hello. As this is my first job on ozlance hence no reviews I would like the opportunity to complete this job accurately and to spec at $20 an hour. Thank you for the opportunity . Jenna

Estimated 16 hours
Business Librarian

Hello, please note that this quote is on a per week basis.

Estimated 12 hours
Julancer Virtual Assistant
Estimated 15 hours
BOSS Business Office Support Ser

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