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I am looking for someone to research online to find and then qualify sales and marketing leads in the NSW area for motorcycle shops that sell accessories. The details I require are the Businesses Trading Name; Suburb, Post Code and physical Address; The shop Phone Number and Web Address; The Purchasing Manager’s Name, their Direct Phone or Mobile Number and Email Address. This information must be up to date and relevant. I’d like the results set out in an Excel (2007 compatible) spreadsheet, which I can provide an example of. By starting your reply with the word ‘Red’ I'll know that you have read and understand my requirements.

This task will require online research to create a list of all motorcycle shops then a short-list of shops that sell parts and accessories. From this short-list you will need to make phone contact with the stores to establish the name and direct contact details of the Parts/Accessories Purchasing Manager/person, so you will need to have (and be able to demonstrate) clear English speaking skills. Please indicate your price and expected finish date in your submission. If this exercise is successful there will be other areas to do also. Thank you for your time in considering this work offer.

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Andrew T.
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Virtual Assistant Perth

Hi, I have a strong administration and recruitment background so have excellent data entry and customer service skills. I am hard working and can meet deadlines. I am starting up a Virtual Assistant business so a project like this would suit me well. I am flexible with price so please contact me to discuss further. Thanks

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Virtual Assistant Perth

Hi, how many shops are you looking to obtain? Also, what is your price range and time frame to complete?

Andrew T.

Hello VirtualPerth,

I can only gauge the number of shops from my Melbourne experience. Initially I found 33 potential shops in the greater Melbourne metro area. I am not sure if that was an exhaustive list as it was just done by a Google search. Of those, only about 20 sold accessories and of those about 12 are interested in selling my product. So I am guessing it might be similar for the Sydney market but the rural town market is completely unknown to me.

Making that list took me about 6.5 hours to search, short-list by researching shop web sites, contact the short-listed shops by phone to get the purchasing persons details and record that into the spreadsheet. I'm sure it could be done quicker than that as I am of a vintage where a computer is still somewhat of a mystery to me.

Time frame is somewhat important as now is when the shops are starting to stock for Christmas and I want to reach as many shops as soon as possible.

Regards Turvinbris