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HI i have put together a project with two books The first book is to set the market with interest The second book is a life story and how i got to the first book Hope that makes sense .

Peter Corboy

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Kimberley Publications

Hi Peter -

I have been a professional non-fiction book author and ghostwriter for 30 years. I've written eight of my own books (both print and eBook versions) including a bestseller (Attracting Frogs to Your Garden) that made it into all the Australian Geographic shops and onto The Midday Show in 1997. I am also the author of Jobs Abroad: The Australian Traveller's Guide to Working Overseas, which went to three editions, Australian Bush Survival Skills (the most comprehensive outdoor survival manual ever produced in this country) and The Jet-setting Copywriter: How to Fund All Your Overseas Adventures Through Freelance Writing.

Last year I ghost-wrote two autobiographies/business books for two separate individuals. One helped to launch a business career. I'll be happy to mention these in private to you, but of course the whole idea behind ghost-writing is that I let the authors take the credit and don't go around publicly blabbing about what I've just ghost-written!

I also run the Jet-setting Copywriter blog ( Feel free to check it out if you'd like to take a look at my writing style. I've written hundreds of assorted magazine articles over the past 2-3 decades on a huge variety of subjects as well.

I'd love to hear about your book plans. Once I know what you're after, I'll be able to give you a firm quote. I charge by the finished product (typically a chapter or two at a time, until we're all finished), not by the hour, so you only pay for what's been completed - not my time. That's fairest for both of us.

No accomplished ghost-writer with half a functioning cranium, a reasonable level of integrity or the the appropriate experience required to take on this job is going to be able to give you an accurate quote without first seeing (a) what materials they have to work with, (b) how much writing you've already done yourself and (c) all the other details (desired book length, format, timeframes, etc.) required to assess exactly how much research/writing/editing is going to be involved.

What I can tell you is that a properly written, format-ready non-fiction book (for print or eBook) isn't something every writer does well - but this is what I do for a living. Generally I tend to charge around $60-70 per page, depending on the scope of the job, so I'll provide a rough PER PAGE bid based on those general parameters until we've discussed your needs further. I wish you the best of luck with your book plans, whoever you end up choosing to help you bring it all to fruition. Cheers, Kevin

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Hi Peter

I do bring to you a diversity and wealth of skills as a Senior Professional with 25 years working in business operations, leadership and management - I've worked very closely with people in front-facing service-driven areas. My education has included the written word and I've applied these skills within the roles I have held along the way.

Why do I think I would work well for you - the reason I left my corporate career some 2-3 years ago was to start a social enterprise that was all about providing support and assistance to the Everyday Person to give them time to do the things they needed to do that they couldn't because of too many things on their plate. It is my aim to help others and through his assist their health and well-being.

"I catch time so that people can hope, and thereby cope".

For me it is always about finding purpose in what you do, my social enterprise is called activateHOPE, and the reference you used to your first book on Hope is why I am writing to you to see if you wish to partner with me to get your book written. If you do then let's talk and we can go from there re time an prices. Please check out my webpage at and also my LinkedIn page at These sites should give you a better overview of my chosen direction and professional skills. You can also reach me at

Lastly, I have worked to support a colleague edit their book on Gin making, and with that have experience in the flow and requirements of this style of editing and written a few small articles for a magazine.

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards Judy

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[Deleted user]

Hi Peter,

I am fresh in this industry and this is my first bid. Therefore, it is sadly impossible for me to provide any credentials and reviews. However, I have worked in books publishing for 5 years, and my role was to edit, proofread, and create content by using my language skills when the editor considered that the authors did not have enough clarity in their writings. I loved that period of my life and am now keen to bring back at least a fraction of it, of the joy I felt when I worked with words. I believe I can help you. It would be a challenge, for which I am very ready!

Thank you for reading my presentation, Coralia

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Dear Peter

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my proposal for your project. Enclosed please find all information relative to my skills and experience.

I have all the right credentials for this project, including excellent reviews. I am a writer, ghostwriter and editor.

Looking at your sample, I assume that you have already written your two books but need an editor/ghostwriter to improve the content. Please message me with further details, including the number of words for each book. Then I can adjust my bid accordingly.

I have a BA (Hons.) and MA degree from Oxford University, a Diploma in Short Story Writing from the International Correspondence School, and a Certificate in Editing and Proofreading from The Writing School.

My editing and writing experience (please see my portfolio) includes the following:

  1. I have completed the first two novels of a Young Adult Fantasy trilogy: ‘Windows on Our World’. ‘Hope’ and ‘Faith’ are available on my website
  2. I have also completed a Science Fiction novel, ‘The Power of Gnaris’, and an Anthology of Short Stories. I am currently writing a Thriller novel, ‘The Rivers of Cydonia’.
  3. I edited and ghost-wrote large sections of the published work 'The King History Forgot: Makikele, the 19th Century Legend of Phalaborwa, South Africa' by Robert T.K. Scully. This is an historical novel set in Africa.
  4. I edited and ghost-wrote large sections of the autobiography ‘The Black Man who Married that Muslim Indian Girl’ by Yaw Kwakye.
  5. I have edited several other books including a published historical novel set in Biblical times: ‘Moses, God’s Blessed Donkey’ by Ron Stock. In my portfolio you can also see some reviews and editing examples I have completed for other clients. See other reviews at

You can find out more about my editing services at There you can also find direct links to reviews of my work.

I hope that you will seriously consider my bid. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Les Gates

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Footprints Publishing

Hello Peter, your 637 words have left me wanting to know more, a lot more. As well as editing and writing for the last eight years, I am now a principal of Footprints Publishing - We offer authors a complete service from 'origin to destination.'

One of our speciality areas is Family Stories / Memoirs.

We recently published 'Moving to Chulsa' which is all about a boy's trials up to age 14, Rob is now writing 'Leaving Chulsa' about his later years and arrival in Australia. Rob's testimonial is on our website.

I also edit regular pieces for a client who is dyslexic, though it hasn't held him back either and he is renowned for his learning management expertise, yes, it's all about words. I've been working with him for over a year.

I'm not exactly sure what skills you are looking for but regardless of whether it's writing, editing or getting published, we can cater for all. A list of services is available at they include cover design, typesetting for both print and eBook and marketing.

We run our business based on project management principles with a realistic timeline and milestones agreed to by all parties. We believe this establishes a good working relationship without surprises and everyone is aware of what needs to be done and when. A comprehensive Memorandum of Agreement is signed which protects our authors and Footprints Publishing.

I have nominated an hourly rate but reserve the right to amend costs based on your actual requirements and the services you might choose.

We regularly Skype or Zoom with our clients so Covid-19 is not an issue, it would be good to set up a meeting with you to talk about your project. Regards Claudette Pope

Estimated 60 hours
Angels Edge/ Tricia Leanne Snell

Hi Peter,

As a journalist with over 15-years of publication experience, I work with individuals like yourself to bring book ideas to life. Often, this is as simple as me interviewing you, and from there I turn our conversations into the book that you envision.

Having now completed over 3,000 projects for individuals and companies, I hone my skills to suit your needs. I'm open-minded, extremely flexible (yes, I will work on your project outside of traditional work hours to make sure we meet that deadline), and I take your constructive criticism on-board so that your project exceeds expectations.

My qualifications are as follows:

• Tertiary qualified (Bachelor of Communication) journalist. • Member of the Australian Journalism Association. • An experienced copywriter with 15-years of sales and marketing know-how. • A full-time professional writer since 2004.

If you’d like to know more about me, click on the links below, which include my portfolio (only a small amount of my work), and LinkedIn profile. Of course, if you wish to view specific work samples, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S My fixed rate is based on each title being 50-pages (300-words per page) in length - approx 15,000 words each title. This equates to $35 per page and includes all research, writing, editing and proofreading.

Regards, Tricia Leanne Snell Editor-in-Chief and Journalist BComn Member of the MEAA and AJA

P.P.S My portfolio, LinkedIn profile and my health news site are my creations (this includes design, layout and even CSS customisation). You can view these at: | |

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Life Stories Ink

Hi - I'm a professional ghostwriter, accredited editor and board member of Life Stories Australia. Interested to chat further. My bid is just indicative of my costs - we could talk further and work out a fee to suit. Check out my website:

Estimated 60 hours
Paul Sullivan

It makes no sense at all.

Alison Nancye

Hi Peter

Alison Nancye here. Thank you for your project bid. I've read your one pager and I'm really interested in chatting more about what you would love for your vision of your proposed (two) books.

I'm happy to place a bid but I would like to discuss your project with you further to obtain a deeper inquiry into the 'why' you want to tell your story, the 'what' you want to produce and gain from it and also 'who' your market is.

I ask this because my background and expertise will not bring 'just' writing expertise but also the deeper meaning of your story as well as the potential healing / helping elements of it for your audience. I am an author (10 books - fiction and non-fiction), journalist, counsellor, self-development / self-help specialist. I've been meditating 24 years and I bring all of this to my client's projects. I also mentor people to write their books and then edit their books, particularly emerging authors.

So, on that basis, would you be open to having a chat over the phone to discuss your project in more detail to ascertain whether I could be a match for you? My website is and phone number is 0414 495 804.

Thanks Alison Nancye

Mediagate Consulting Pty Ltd - John Gates

I would like to ask how far developed are the books - is this a ghostwriting, editing or re-writing job?

I have read the one-pager and I like the style. Might consider shortening some of the paragraphs, though. regards, John G

Edi Editing Services

Hi Peter

Just to verify the approximate word count for the two Books. That will help us to quote according to the workload.

Best Regards


Focus Write

Hi Peter, it sounds like an interesting project and I have a few questions before I can place a bid.

I'm the author/co-author of eight books, and three of those have won IPPY awards at the Independent Book Publishers Awards in NYC. May I direct you to my portfolio

I can offer a quick turn around at a reasonable rate and if you'd like to get in touch to discuss I can be reached at

Kind regards, Carmen Jenner.


hi Peter, I would like to ask what kind of assistance you are looking for - is this a ghostwriting, editing or re-writing job? Or is it all of the above? How many words are the books? I can offer a chapter review for free to enable you to decide if I am a suitable candidate. Regards Kat