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I am looking for a PR professionalwho can work on an occasional basis to provide support to the distribution of news releases in the Far East, principally by making calls to help sell in sories to journalists.

A successful track record of selling in stories to the media is essential as is location in the Asia Pacific timezone.

To clarify further, the releases will generally not need re-writing but I would appreciate a sanity check and a reaction from a fresh pair of eyes!

The subject is travel trends and the audiences are general business media, travel trade media and other media interested in travel trends and how global events impact travel.

I expect to need between 10 and 15 hours a month making phone calls so physical location is not important but Far Eastern time zone (eg ability to call HK during the morning )is.

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David T.
Joined Nov 2016
Submitted 22 Nov 2016 at 00:59
Expired 2 years ago
Bidding guide $25 - $50/hr
Average bid $375.00

Kyle Humphrys

Very clear communicator with cultural awareness of how far east Asians like to do business

Estimated 15 hours
Bamboozled Communications

Hi David, just wondering what industry/sector you're targeting? Also, would the media releases be supplied or do you need them written as well as distributed? Thanks, Rhiannan

Simply Ethical Advice Pty Ltd

Hi David

I was just wondering how many hours work per month or week you think you will need?

Can you please clarify what you mean by Far East, of a continent or country?

Thank you Hope