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Existing client website has been moved by hosting provider and lost the upload features on the previous server. Website written in HTML, ASPX and VB. May need SSL certificate changes or updates or specific database file path changes. Receive a 500 Error currently but this could be anything. Can supply full website to work on or FTP access so it can be tested. Need to fix urgent as clients cannot upload files for completed work. Need a quick turn around as client needs to get back up and running.

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Gary H.
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Submitted 23 Aug 2016 at 08:46
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Hi Gary, I have experience in web development/database programming and website management in various technologies.

Deliver in 2 days

Hi Gary,

I have good experience in resolving issues related to web based applications. Will need access to the server to look for the real cause.

Deliver in 2 days

Hi Gary,

I am based in sydney and have experiences for .net and vb website mainternance and have many exp with window server migration. Just feel free to ask me if any problem and I think I can fix it within 1 day. half day for analyse, half day for fix. If we have an access to a server, not only ftp.



Estimated 8 hours
CHM Solutions

Hi Gary,

It's difficult to tell without looking but I have a lot of experience working in Microsoft Hosting Environments, specifically with VB.Net and ASP.Net.

Do you have access to the code base? Has the database been moved too or just the web server? Are you running the same version of IIS, .Net Framework, have you looked at Event Viewer to see what the root cause of the 500 is? These are some of the things I would look at.


Cian Moynihan

Deliver in 1 day