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I need to write a research proposal in psychology for about 1000 words. The topic is STRESS LEVELS IMPACT THE HUMAN MEMORY. It needs to have an abstract, introduction, methods, design, materials, procedure, results ( what do you think the results will be or how will you achieve results) and discussion, reference list at the end. Can only use primary articles. I have got the marking criteria that needs to be followed and i have also got an example proposal that teacher provided us with all the details on how to write what. I need it in two days. I have attached the example proposal and marking criteria. Please read this to make sure i have all the components needed.

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Hi Liza,

I'm a freelance writer having written both corporate and academic articles. Although my background is economics and law, I've written a few research proposals for psych and science PhD and masters students, so I can potentially help with yours.

It wasn't quite clear in brief - do you already have a research topic and methods set, and just need to write a proposal around them? I can't select a topic or research methods for you, but if you have the topic and methods and other data I can put it together into an academic research proposal.

(I can send you a sample of my previous research proposals - if you reply to my bid I am able to send attachments from there)

It should be possibly within 1 day.

Deliver in 6 days
Bineet Sharma

I am an Aerospace Engineer so be assure that I know how to write these things in an academic manner

Deliver in 12 days