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Brian Smith

I have been writing SEO web content for many years. Some of my latest work can be viewed on < > I wrote all these articles on every mine in Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea. I also wrote all the Mininglink articles on 'resources.' The above quote is based on 0.05 cents a word for 800 words.

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Big Blue Desk


Its difficult to provide an accurate quote because not sure of the scope of the project. However, hourly rate would be $80 and depending on what you actually require, may take two hours through to five or six hours.

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[Deleted user]
Estimated 10 hours
Mariana Vacca
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Edi Editing Services

please be advised that the above quote is just an estimate, subject to review upon presentation of the project details.

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[Deleted user]

Hi Weis Contractors. We've checked out your site and would love to help streamline the content. We have a lot of experience writing for industrial and commercial business (you can see some examples on our Facebook page ) Our designer is also available to help with improving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the site if you're interested in a full overhaul. The quote herein applies for revising the current written content, and will include an interview with our senior writer and director, Michelle Dryburgh. This can be completed by phone or email at a time that best suits you, and gives us a clear picture of your aspirations for the site. Hope to chat with you soon.

Deliver in 13 days