Proofread a 90,000 word document against original scans

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We are digitising significant Australian works of fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry that have gone out of print (under agreements with the copyright-holders, of course).

This is a crime novel of about 90,000 words. It has been processed with Optical Character Recognition and exported as a Word file, spell-checked and with common errors addressed, but will need to be checked against original scans for typographical and formatting errors, and any corrections will need to be marked up.

No rewriting or copy-editing is needed, just making sure the documents match the original — though obvious typos in the original should be marked up.

Excellent attention to detail and familiarity with spelling/grammar/punctuation conventions will be very helpful. We are looking for bids of $400 or under please, as that is the limit of project funding.

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Ligature P.
Joined Jan 2020
Submitted 15 Jun 2021 at 22:18
Expired 10 months ago
Bidding guide $250 - $750
Average bid $374.55

Brooke Oliver

Happy to help with this one too.

Deliver in 28 days
Leann Yan

Communications professional with Hons 1st in English Literature. Proofreading is a strength.

Deliver in 28 days
Cate Davies

I have experience creating policy documents and experience in assessment, this experience enables me to work accurately . I will find and correct all inconsistencies.

Deliver in 5 days
Heidi Ross

Hi, Ligature P. I'm good at spotting differences at pace, being a medical librarian in my other life. Time's at a premium just now so it'll be weekend work -- I can't drop the bids too far from your maximum, sorry. I can commit to only one or the other of your 2 current jobs on offer, and would prefer the novel.

Deliver in 21 days
Sue Mathieson

I have an excellent command of the English language, an eye for detail and am a published co-author of four books. I am thorough in my work and pertain to excellence. I look forward to hearing from you.

Deliver in 21 days
Elise Smith

The literature sounds so interesting! I am an avid reader, with great attention to detail and a keen grasp on written English. Happy to discuss further if you wish to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.

Deliver in 25 days
Shilpa C


I would love to help you with this. Please let me know when's a good time to discuss.

Thanks, Shilpa

Deliver in 15 days
Lindy Schneider Writer

I am thorough and have capacity for quick turnaround. Post grad qualifications and proven track record for accuracy. Portfolio at

Deliver in 3 days
On Point Admin

I have been working with complex documents, production, editing and proofreading for 15 years. I am currently doing an editing and proofreading course (with high distinctions) to gain a qualification in this field. I have a keen eye of detail and have the resources to print the material (and securely destroy after job completion) to allow for line by line critiquing of the original and duplicate documents to the highest standard possible.

Deliver in 4 days
Cecile Shanahan Editing & Proofreading

I not only have extensive experience with proofreading documents and manuscripts, I thoroughly enjoy helping people to make their work as accurate and consistent as possible. My attention to detail is something I pride myself on and marking up copy for typos and inconsistencies is one of my many extremely honed skills. My rates are based on IPEd recommendations for experienced editors/proofreaders. Testimonials from happy clients can be found at my website: Ps. I love crime novels and am very familiar with how they 'should' look which may be an added benefit for this project.

Deliver in 14 days
Diana Hodgetts

Hi Lig, I work in marketing and regularly proofread and cross-check digital and print documents to ensure that both the information and formatting is consistent and accurate. Let me know what you have for me!

Deliver in 18 days