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Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Freelance / Casual

Several illustrator isometric drawings required

Attached is a drawing that was created by another artist (I have the illustrator file for it) I requite several additional drawing of similar bags to be created to go on my new website.

Face to face meeting will be required to go over the project.

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John C.
Joined Jul 2016
Submitted 25 Jul 2016 at 03:29
Expired 5 years ago
Bidding guide $250 - $750
Average bid $595.00

Cellgrafter Creative

Hi John,

I'm happy to help out with this job, What might be a good idea to get a more accurate quote is, to send through one and see how quickly I can get that done. Its a little hard to quote on 'several'. I have 17 years experience in the industry. Feel free to call me or view my personal CV here>

Kind regards Rory

Estimated 7 hours
[Deleted user]

Hi John,

Id love to work on this project with you, I have 6 years experience in line drawing with Clipsal by Schneider Electric. I was there Production Artist for all there packaging and line art. Give me a call to discuss in more detail.

Regards Frank

Estimated 20 hours