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Looking for someone to convert a 3 function 64 lines of python into C#

will need to do get requests, read and write to a file accept an argument from the command line.

The get request comes back as a json response that needs to be decoded.

file attached change from .txt to .py

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Shane R.
Joined Jan 2017
Submitted 28 Jul 2021 at 09:15
Expired 5 months ago
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Tap-In Solutions

Morning, So I read this Project Posting, and put myself to a challenge, that I could complete the code conversion, including testing in under 1 hour. Took me 1 hour and 10 mins.

I have the conversion of the code you attached already completed. Have built in a .NET 5.0 Core Console App, and also have used the Xero API OAuth 2.0 Connector to help with the authentication mechanism. I've tested this with the Xero Demo Company and it is working correctly.

Also I am happy to also organise a screen share and make any other necessary changes with you that you may require in the Screen share, and send you a copy of all the Code so you can extend the solution if that is your intention.

The Code can be viewed here -

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Benjamin Shemmeld

I'm a Software Developer based in Melbourne with 15+ years experience. I'm not a full-time freelancer, but enjoy taking on small freelance projects from time to time. I'm an excellent communicator, both in speaking and writing. I'm sure I can provide a quick and simple solution to your requirement.

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PC Solutions

It's about two hours work. I can never it as source and binary.

I have been using c# since it first appeared and have many years of Python.

Kind Regards Kevin

Deliver in 1 day

Hi, I can deliver it tomorrow.


Deliver in 1 day

I can translate this python function to C# .Net 5 console application or .Net Standard 2.0 class library depending on your preference. I have 6 years of experience with C#. We can also discuss any other requirement such as if you need to have a JSON configuration file.

Estimated 3 hours
LampDatabase Australia

Hi Shane,

I can create a c# binary using Mono that will run on Windows/Linux/Mac.

This could also be done in several other languages depending on your platform.

I/you could also create a stand alone binary using your existing Python code in several different ways.

I need more info on exactly how you plan to use this and what the input and output to file will entail to give you a more exact quote.

All the best,


Estimated 3 hours