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I want an Android proof-of-concept app using React Native that can communicate with a C++ program.

Let's say my C++ program takes a string from the standard inputs and append "1234" to the standard outputs. I want you to show me how an Android Reactive App app can communicate with this C++ program.

The app will need to spawn a new child process and send/receive messages from/to the child process. This is known as inter-process communication.

You will need to make a button. When I click it, the app will send "Hello World" to the child process. The process will then append "1234" to the string, and thus it'll return "HelloWorld1234". Show the output "HelloWorld1234" in a text box.

The purpose of the task is to prove IPC works with React Native on Android. This app is not intended to push to the app store.

  • All process communications must be done by standard inputs and standard outputs
  • There is no need for any UI optimisation. Nothing. You just need to show me the code how IPC works in React Native.
  • The delivery will be the ReactNative source code that works on Android simulator and the C++ code as I will build it and run the code myself.
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Ted W.
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Robert Consulting


I am a professional software developer with over 15 years of experience. The project you describe is very interesting and I am glad you are looking to understand more about IPC.

The project you describe is quite simple, so I believe we should be able to make it work and provide you support in 10 hours and this is that's my bid for. I think we would need to chat once to be sure I am on same page, after it I would code what you need, and after it we would need to chat again to integrate, transfer knowledge and so on.

I have plenty of experience developing mobile apps, that includes Android Native Stack and React Native. Any question, don't hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes for your project, Robert

Deliver in 7 days
Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Ted,

We are a Website & App company. I have reviewed all the details thoroughly and would like to discuss further about your project so that we can provide you with a detailed quote.

Please let me know whenever you're available for a quick call to discuss about it.

Thanks and Regards Jay 0451657071

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Blitzm Systems Pty Ltd

Hello Ted, We have designed and implemented c++ mobile app integration for IoT, Game development and RTC protocols. My team includes 7 developers covering React, Native Android, Xamarin and other mobile dev frameworks.

Let's chat.

Deliver in 5 days

Hi Ted

Im an just enquiring regarding your Ozlance Project.

I would certainly like to discuss your project with you further to get a better understanding about your requirements and how we can fulfil these.

if you can provide some contact details that will be greatly appreciated. Otherwise you can contact me at

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Active Capital IT

Hi. This is quite simple. You can look at your POC here: