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Create a macro to copy-paste files to another folder from a barcode scan. Specifically I have an order number already in a 2d barcode, I can scan it and it appears in notepad followed by return. The order number corresponds to a folder in a specific location. The barcode numbered folder can contain any number of subfolders, each of which has a differently named image file (usually .png). I'd like to scan it and have the appropriate files transferred to another folder (printer hot folder).

Im looking for low tech, low cost solution as it is for private use. Maybe AHK, Just needs to work, If needed I can have a dedicated PC with notepad or other program open waiting to act on the barcode scan.

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Chris O.
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Submitted 2 Feb 2016 at 03:27
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Vasily Pintov

Hi! I can do it today. Please write me in Skype: vintov I connect to you via TeamViewer and specify the details.

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Riyanal Chea

I am experience C# programmer. I can do this with C# easily.

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Hi! I would love to code a program for you in java, I propose a java application with swing interface... for my home page look at

Thanks James

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Hi Chris

I am an experienced IT professional with many years experience developing web systems including automation for publishing HTML content and doing actions as you've described (moving files around based on conditions and carrying out actions based on filenames/extensions).

I would be able to help you using MacroScheduler or would be willing give AHK a try and wear the cost of any education required on my part.

Happy to discuss further.



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[Deleted user]

Hi Chris,

I'm a passionate software developer with more than 10 years experience in software design and implementation, from small desktop apps to large scale websites and I would like to give freelancing a shot.

My proposal, is a Windows application which sits in background and does the job for you. No need to manually run the macro (Surely you would be able to, if you want to). All you need to do is to define the source and the destination directories and the rest will be taken care of by the app. We can also make the copy pattern customisable (ie. .png;.jpg). I've done this project before to write a simple file system watcher using C#, so your project will be in good hands mate.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Deliver in 2 days

Hi! Do you want the entire folder to be placed in the printer hotfolder, or a selection of files from within the folder to be placed in the printer hot folder? if a selection of files, i hope there are rigid rules for the file names to be printed, (for example, if i am to take a single pdf, there should only be one pdf in there)


Hi! the barcode subfolder has a number of subfolders, each with a different named image... could you clarify that you want each subfolder searched for images (there should be one image in each, doesn't matter what filename), and then each of the images copied into the printer hotfolder? would there ever be a situation where one image filename was in there twice? (in which case the second would overwrite the first) should i rename to different filenames? Thanks James G