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We have currently been let down by our current developer who has caused the fail of 2 OF OUR LAUNCHES! 2 missed dates!

We need someone to finalize and launch our platform within a week ASAP?!

If you are able to work with Microsoft Azure and relevant coding- Apply RIGHT NOW! and Do not waste our time! We have been fucked over enough!!!


- Joe

Requested by
Joseph K.
Joined Jul 2020
Submitted 5 Nov 2020 at 00:29
Expired 3 years ago
Bidding guide $3000 - $5000
Average bid $3,324.18


Hi Joe,

I havent put a fixed price bid in as it is not clear yet what the scope of the project is. We are Brisbane based and are full stack Microsoft including Azure and Xamarin developers. We develop websites through to full enterprise platforms, including work with Queensland Transport and NDIS.

We are available to commence when required and deliver ASAP.

Estimated 1 hour
Kira Raj

Hello Joseph, I am not sure if you have hired someone already or you are still looking for someone but I would like to express my interest in the project. I have been a web developer & designer for 7 years now and I have been working with global clients for their requirements. Let me know if we can connect and discuss this in detail to complete the projects and meet the deadlines.

Estimated 40 hours
[Deleted user]

Hi Joseph,

I am full stack developer of microsoft technology. I can work on this requirement and will complete your work on time. Lets discuss the details what needs to be done. Lets connect via email - sunkumar.sunil@gmail.com or call me at 0422612655

Thanks, Sunil

Estimated 60 hours
Zkythers Solutions

Hi, Let's discuss this. I can help you. Please contact me on 0469743341.

Deliver in 7 days
Tap-In Solutions

Hi Joseph,

Seems like you have not had much luck. I’m Melbourne based, and can be available immediately.

I have other developers here in Melbourne that can also potentially support me to get this project done.

My linked in is : http://linkedin.com/in/robbietapping

Deliver in 7 days
Depowersoft Pty Ltd.

Send me the source, I have a look before placing bids

Estimated 40 hours
Depowersoft Pty Ltd

Send me the source code, I have a look

Deliver in 5 days
Emre Rothzerg

I'll get it done, please contact me: hello@emrerothzerg.com and let's discuss the details

Deliver in 7 days
Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Joseph, We are Azure certified developers based in Sydney. If you would like to meet face to face, happy to do that too. I am mentioning a standard price, however, I can give the exact price when I know what you need.

Deliver in 14 days

Hi Joseph,

The team is based in Melbourne, we are just about to wrap up a project for a online punting business, which also have their infrastructure and code in Azure.

Would be good to have a chat to find out a little more on what the system is about and where the software is at.

I put down $5000 for now, lets agree on a number once we know what we are dealing with



Deliver in 7 days

Hi mate As an Fullstack Developer (Backend, Frontend, Mobile App) with 17 professional years experiences. In consideration of your posting, I’m confident my skills and background align perfectly with the requirements of this role. Definitely i will sign a NDA. Im based in Sydney and very easy for us face to face discuss any issue you have now.

Estimated 100 hours
Emre Rothzerg


I'll get it done, please contact me: hello@emrerothzerg.com

Read recommendations about me on my linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emrerothzerg/


1 week is a really short period of time, depends on the complexity of the app of course. We have experience with Azure + Azure DevOps to automate the deployments. I can have a look into the source code and the current setup for free to estimate the amount of work. Then can provide a fixed cost to finish the job. Drop me a line at sergey@snapio.com.au if interested.

Kind Regards, Sergey

Michael Annesley

Hi - the tags include PHP and MySQL and not .net core / asp.net despite being on Azure. Is that correct? Thanks.

Calcul8ors Pty Ltd

How much of the project is complete? Is it even possible to finish whatever's left in a week? Are you trying to integrate with Microsoft services in Azure?

I'm currently working on a project that will be integrated with the Outlook API, but due to unique circumstances has seen me going back and forth with Microsoft Support for well over a week now. If your project runs into similar issues, then you could be looking at even more launch blow outs.

I personally would not be interested in your project, because it sounds like you're in too much of a rush, and you seem very frustrated with it all already. That is not a good set of circumstances for someone with my personality to work in, because I have the tendency to bite back, and instead of becoming friends, we'd probably end up being mortal enemies.

But for the sake of anyone else who is willing to help you out, are you really being fair with your expectations?