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Looking for a professional to create a WEB APP for my meal planning membership site. A brief summary of the app’s desired functionality is:

  • deliver weekly menus to paid subscribers (i currently create and upload the recipes to a protected membership site -- using Memberpress software on Wordpress platform with a custom built plugin -- too clunky + slow);
  • customisable/responsive shopping list (showing which meals the ingredients are for within the shopping list)
  • adjustable serving sizes;
  • 'favouriting' recipes (plus ability to give feedback/comment on recipes);
  • search for any recipe (using title or single ingredient)
  • tag recipes (potluck; 30 mins; vegetarian; slow cooker; etc)
  • mailing list integration if possible (currently using Mailchimp, thinking of changing to Active Campaign);

Currently using a Wordpress site with custom-built plugin (too many glitches; want something more intuitive + streamlined) as I scale up and focus on growth. https://www.easyhealthyeats.com

My inspiration is getting people motivated to cook simple, healthy, delicious food = taking the stress out of what's for dinner with an emphasis on boosting metabolism.

I am looking to create the app for the Web; I love the style of the following app: • YUMMLY

Happy to discuss new design or stick with my current site's design... open to creative discussion!

Looking to get the ball rolling asap. Thanks!

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Bidding guide $3000 - $5000
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IT Oceans Web Solutions

9+ Years professional developers.

Experienced in developing similar website.

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Keith Rana


I am ready to start this work from now. I have more than 6 years of professional developing experience and advanced computer skills. I have done the projects in core php, Wordpress, Codeignitor, Magento, Javascript, Symfony PHP, Cake PHP, Smarty, Opencart, Joomla, API development, Oscommerce, Bigcommerce, Salesforce CRM, Laravel, Shopping cart related work, Only backend work, Drupal, Prestashop, Android apps, IOS apps and many more other works. Please let me know about your point of view about this.


Deliver in 24 days

Your web app can be made on both wordpress and laravel framework. If you select a theme similar to yummly on WordPress the cost for making the web app can significantly go down , but if you would like custom backend and design , the final product can be deeply customizable according to your requirements and can me developed on laravel in the bid amount mentioned.

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Hi Erica,

Good day. You know what, i was thinking of developing a hybrid app and sell it, and does mostly the same thing. Basically, its an app for ios / android, where they can login, see the upcoming menus and the customer can opt in for next weeks menu etc. It also helps them with the cooking and there is a video presentation of it. I was basing it on a NZ product, that i found through couple of my friends.

Now your requirement looks similar and i am happy to do the development - we can create good plugin for wordpress or do native php development along with hybrid development. If both are agreed, then i can give a good discounted price too.

Let me know further.

Project Plan: a) Create hybrid app - with sign in functionality b) Signed in user can access the menu plans c) They can modify their shopping list - similar to website d) Save this information

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Telford Tendys

Hi Erica, if you are looking for alternatives to Wordpress, maybe take a peek at BansheePHP which already has the ability for members to login (can set access permissions for various modules), and already has a mailing list system (not as fancy as Mailchimp, but cheap and easy). You can post articles (pretty similar to a blog) and people can comment. It also supports the regular CMS facilities (ability to upload images, edit your fixed pages, etc).

I have a demo site, can give you access if you want to poke around and see how you like the admin feel. Put some random comment, create some users, that type of stuff.

Of course still requires suitable CSS, images, etc and content brought across from your current Wordpress site. They both use MySQL, I'm sure it's achievable. BansheePHP has nothing specific with regard to calculation of recipe serving sizes and shopping lists. Of course you can enter recipes as regular content, but if you want proper calculations there's custom code required (e.g. some products are only available in fixed sizes, meals like roast leg of lamb have minimum viable cooking size). I'm presuming you would keep those details within some reasonable scope.

For what it's worth, I went to Yummly and found the roast lamb shoulder (normally 4 pound piece of meat and serves 6) yes it will allow me to adjust down to a single serving and it ends up suggesting that I roast 2/3 of a pound of lamb shoulder, which I doubt is workable. Obviously their coding is pretty straightforward and they don't stress over the difficult cases. I guess most users can just use their common sense on those situations.

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Syslogics Pty Ltd

Hi Erica,

As per the requirement I believe both web app and mobile app solutions are required, however you have mentioned only web app one. Initially we can rectify the web app and then look into what we need to do for mobile app. Let me know when can we have a discussion to see what is more suitable for your business growth.

We have presence in Sydney and would love to have a meeting to discuss user requirement and provide appropriate solution serving your business needs..

Thanks, Akhtar

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Blue Fern Solutions

hi Erica

I have a lot of experience working with Wordpress and fixing up 'broken' websites. I can understand your frustration with glitches. I can guarantee that my work would be glitch free (and, if any creep in, I would be prepared to fix them for no extra charge).

Wordpress may still be an option for you (if you use suitable plugins) but I have a feeling that your requirements may have outgrown it. I would recommend our first step in this project be research of alternative systems or frameworks that might better suit your needs.

We would also need to look at your current web server configuration and, if necessary, upgrade you to a web server that can handle your anticipated traffic increase. I would recommend not using a shared hosting service.

As for the design of your site, I think that upgrading your current design would be an option. It has elements that seem to be working (you and your existing clients would be the best judge of this). I would suggest keeping the parts that you like and modifying any areas that are causing issues.

I would also recommend that you consider a responsive design (one that works on any platform: desktop, tablet, mobile) and think about including an API in the web app to allow a (future?) mobile app to integrate with the system.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Deliver in 60 days

If you're interested in making an Android / iOS app, I'm up for that. Contact me to see samples of my work and to discuss further. I'm open to a share of the venture depending on further discussions.

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Singleton Academy Pune

Hello Ms Erica, I have a developers team as my backoffice and would be able to recreate / redesign the website with lot more impressive presentation. I would request your time so that I can walk you through few of our websites and apps, which would give you some idea as to what do we deliver. Once you see it positive, I would share the quote and timelines. But please be assure that we are very cost effective but at the same time, very efficient and productive. I will await for your response. I am in Melbourne.