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Bardia, NSW, Australia
Freelance / Casual

In 2014 I created a design brief for a fitness based multi vendor site and custom fitness software application to be built into a website. In 2015 I contracted the site to be built by a Sydney Company that has failed to deliver the project. What I have at the moment is a semi completed website that I am not sure if I can or will use, or if I will be required to start the project again. The design documentation is extensive and detailed, The site is aimed at the fitness market, it is built on the Joomla Platform and uses third party extensions Jomsocial, Jmarket, Jsubscriptions, Jnews, JS Jobs, Jbusiness Directory. The main focus of the site was the development of some training and nutrition software that is housed within the Jomsocial component. Users of the site could subscribe to get automated training and nutrition plans etc. All the components were tied into each other to make the process seamless. This is the 3rd time I am having to try and get this site built. It is a large site, however the difficulty has been in getting the previous programmers to understand the training and nutrition components of the software.

To this effect I need a developer that can sit with me during the programming stages (at least certain stages when formulas and calculations need to be applied) to ensure these are applied correctly, for other parts of the site the developer can work at their own location.

I am not after a total cost estimate for this site, I am looking for a programmer that lives within close proximity to myself in order to facilitate easy meetings when needed. I have broken the project down into design stages and after sitting down and going through a stage in detail I will negotiate a price for the completion of that stage prior to moving onto the next one.

This is a different and large scale site with many new and exciting features and needs someone with a high level of experience with the latest stable version of Joomla and the above mentioned components as well as MYSQL database creation as the database is large, fairly complex and the backbone of the whole site.

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is up to the challange, it will hopefully lead to ongoing work as I am already working on additional features for a future site and software upgrade.

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James S.
Joined May 2016
Submitted 26 May 2016 at 08:31
Expired 4 years ago
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Vanguard Informatic

? Career developed in the Information Technology, with extensive experience in project management, implementation and maintenance of systems, team management and implementation of improvements developing trend in large national companies. ? Strong performance in building internal partnerships and at the interface between business and IT area, optimizing communication, meeting the needs and ensuring satisfaction in the projects undertaken. ? Development teams, working on hiring and training routines, forming high-performance professional and aligned with business objectives. ? Understanding of the main frameworks for web applications today. ? Willingness to travel and changing city.

ACADEMIC EDUCATION ? Analysis and Systems Development - completed in 2013 Faculdade Ideal ? Master in Bioinformatics - completed in 2016 Federal University of Pará

CERTIFICATES Assembly and maintenance of computers – Senac/Pará Computer Technician – Faculdade Ideal Distance learning with Moodle – Feira Pan Amazônica do livro Database and SQL language Introduction – Faculdade Ideal Java Basics with GUI and Database – Faculdade Ideal English for exchange. Inglês sem Fronteiras


EXPERIÊNCIA PROFISSIONAL 2010 a 2012 Baptist Church New Marambaia (Volunteer work) *Professor e Programador ? Programação e criação de Programação Visual ? Ensino nas áreas de Tecnologia da Informação 20014 a 2016 - National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (UFPA) Empresa governamental de fomento à pesquisa acadêmica

  • Researcher ? This is a new science called bioinformatics field that applies computational techniques to understand DNA. ? Responsible for web development and development of systems that help in search. 2014 a 2016 - Instituto Federal do Pará.
  • Professor do projeto Etec/ Teacher in project Education by distance ? Teaching oriented programming disciplines

INFORMÁTICA Domain in Java development language, MySql, PHP, Frameworks. Extensive experience in Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle and Magento

Deliver in 15 days
Bilal Abdeen

James, This sounds very interesting to me. I have around 20 years of BI (Business Intelligence) experience. BI is focused on providing decision makers in large organisations with intelligence reports, which are based on huge amounts of data. Basically, handling data, analysis and complex calculations is my speciality. Around a couple of years ago, I started working with website development. I have built a website in Joomla and I have built a website that compares different mobile plans, in addition to some other simple websites.

I am really looking forward to working with you. I will be more than happy to meet you as many times as needed to understand the details of the system and the database and then agree on a cost for each stage of the project.

Estimated 20 hours
Synigence Digital

I think I am your guy James.

I am interested in your Job Opportunity. Lets be honest, I am the guy that you had been looking for. I am an Internet Security Expert at the same time because I have developed a lot of Ecommerce/Shopping carts.Plus I do Logo, brochures, mock up designs for web and print Second: I program. Hardcore stuff = eCommerce shop carts and Social Networking sites.

Third: I'm a bonafide SEO Guru. I practice Guerila Marketing.That means I can monetize the project too.

I am a well organized person.

PHP - 8 MySQL - 8 HTML5/CSS3 - 9 Jquery - 8.5 BOOTSTRAP - 8 Wordpress - 9 Joomla - 8 Magento - 8.5 WooCommerce - 9 SEO - 8 Internet Marketing - 8 Mobile App Development iOS/Android - 8 Designing Mock up PSD - 9

Frameworks: -Foundation -Bootstrap 2.3 -Bootstrap 3.0 -Zend -CakePHP -CodeIgniter -MVC (Model View Controller)


BigCommerce ScooterHut.com.au

Wordpress WooCommerce Freaksports.com.au

Magento Ecommerce Websites Woolwarehouse.co.uk Aroma2Go.com CurtainBling.com http://www.shareagift.com shop-outdoors.co.uk

Wendover Art Group http://www.wendoverart.com/

Aidan Gray http://www.aidangrayhome.com/

Gray Living http://www.grayliving.com/

Joomla http://www.cafemom.com


Deliver in 50 days
[Deleted user]

Hey James,

We can sure help you out with this. We are an expert IT team which more than 40 developers in our team. We have worked and completed several completed projects, some of them are as follows:

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  5. https://athleteinyou.com/aiy_home/?
  6. http://www.matchapart.com/matchapart.php
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We would like to discuss the requirement in detail over a skype call and take things further from there. So kindly get in touch soon to start this straight away!

A little brief about us: We are The Driven IT Solutions https://thedrivenit.com. The Driven IT Solutions is an IT services provider company that has the skills and expertise to facilitate complex business solutions. We are experienced in this sector for over 10 years now. The services we offer are of software development, web development, content management solutions, ERP solutions, e-commerce solutions, mobile App development, creative design and much more. Our head office is located in Houston - Texas, USA. The development center is in India and has a 40 member in-house team. The team members are skilled professionals that work on modern technologies and tools with a vast experience to carry out web-based projects, ERP software, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications and programming scripting languages like Dot Net,PHP, MySql, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, XHTML, Drupal CMS, CodeIgniter, cakePHP, Fusebox, WordPress, Magento and many more.. We’ve designed and developed an Event Management and Club Solutions platform that is designed, developed and maintained by the in-house team. Having developed one of the leading platforms of its kind, it provides an online solution that makes online Race Management and Club Solutions easy. Website address:< https://thedriven.net> We'd love to get on-board with you on this job. I'm attaching a doc that tells you more about the work we do and our projects.

Regards, The Driven IT Solutions www.thedrivenit.com

NOTE: no of hours is just a ball park figure at this stage, it can only be estimated after getting complete requirement from you!

Estimated 200 hours
Xtreme Soft Solutions

Hi James,

I am Maddy from Xtreme Soft Solutions based in Melbourne. Would you be interested in if we do Skype video calls instead of meeting you in person? We are one of the top boutique digital agencies in Melbourne with extensive commercial experience in Joomla including complex custom module, plugin and template development but wanted to check with you before we express our interest. We are extremely confident in all the modules you have outlined in your project brief.

Thank you,