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Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Freelance / Casual

We are a cleaning company based in Melbourne and i need someone to take existing content and make it bigger for all services pages. It should twice or thrice bigger in length than what it is now.

You need to have basic knowledge about producing content awareness about cleaning industry.

Please visit our website for more info:

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Journey Surf Writing Services

Hi I could expand the content give it more length. And at a competitive price. I feel the original content may have been a bit rushed. I know a little about cleaning - Simon.

Deliver in 5 days
[Deleted user]

I am a professional journalist/copywriter with experience in SEO and content creation. I was also a cleaner for three years while I worked on my degree! Whatever you need, I can do it.

Deliver in 7 days
[Deleted user]

Hi there, I'm keen to tackle your project. I would recommend against expanding your content as there is a mountain of research indicating that short is best; your readers only want to skim a few sentences on each page. I can see an opportunity to improve your existing content by rewriting it to focus on the benefits to your customers rather than the features you offer. I'd also suggest thinking about a blog which would allow you to share more of your expertise and build a great reputation, without filling your site pages with too many words ... food for thought! All the best, Jen

Estimated 7 hours
Liberty Marketing

The costs of copywriting are to be quoted based on the scope of project and the price range depends on various factors such as:

The size of the project (there may be cost efficiencies involved with larger jobs) The degree of background research required The quantity and quality of background information supplied The number and length of meetings required The expected number of amends

Your site has duplicate content and your meta tags are not correctly implemented. You need to have original direct response copywriting that has SEO related keywords so your paying customers can find you. If you require new clients I recommend you invest in either SEO or SEM in addition to improving your copywriting.

Are you looking to attract new business?

I write SEO ready, direct response copywriting for an agreed amount. Please let me know if this is the business objective you are looking for.

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Created by LA Pty Ltd

Dear SP S You have a very extensive and informative website, clearly set out and easy to navigate but I can definitely see areas where it can be improved and as you request, the services pages expanded with additional content. I have extensive experience writing website content, both totally original/from scratch and reworking existing material and I have done a lot of marketing writing work for a cleaning equipment and supplies company so I am quite knowledgeable in this area. A few ideas off the top of my head for you – expand the services with case studies and if possible, videos; engage more directly with customers rather than ‘all about you’; give more detail as to the process – what is involved for the customer when they select a service, how much hassle is it to have carpets cleaned, curtains cleaned, how disruptive will it be etc etc. Knowledge provides confidence. Let customers know exactly what you’re going to do and they will have greater confidence to select you. About Us and Why Choose Us pages should be different – they appear similar. About Us should be personalised, introduce customers to the people behind the business, Why Choose Us should cover your capabilities, credentials, environmental policies, certifications etc I have plenty of other ideas to offer and am available to complete this project for you within your timeframe. While I have only completed one job and have only one review on Ozlance, I have many reviews on other online freelance sites from clients in Australia and overseas. Please refer to my profile for more details on my capabilities and experience and feel free to contact me to discuss further. I can make a start on this during this week for you and completion will probably be within the week, but dependent on how quickly you provide information I may require. Cheers Lyndall Lee Arnold

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Di Clements

I've written web content for several cleaning companies and they have loved my work. I'm a copywriter and write and edit web content. I have private clients who give me repeat and referral business. I'm accurate, professional and creative. I know what people want to see when they are looking for a cleaning company. They want to know that you can definitly solve their cleaning problems. I'd love to work on this project for you. After viewing your website, I know I can add value.

Estimated 12 hours
Oodles of Prose

Hi there,

In all honesty, you don't need more content. If anything you could tighten it up and give the copy a bit of a refresh. I think that'll save you a lot of time and money. I understand you want a comprehensive list of details for your services, but you can still achieve that in a smaller paragraph. As a potential client reading the site, I don't want to be reading a novel. All I want to know is: 1: If you can do the specific thing I need. 2: How to book it. I'm happy to go through it with you, because I can see areas we can tighten up and simplify.

Estimated 5 hours
Ashling Kwok Copywriting

I have reviewed you website and I don't think you need to add much more content. The thing you need to remember is that people have short attention spans. They will not read pages and pages of copy. Honestly, people will click off your website if they have to read through too much text to find the info they want. The copy on your services page could be changed so that only vital elements are included but that doesn't mean the text has to be longer. Overall, the writing definitely needs to be tightened up and edited. The layout of your website should be altered so that the info on your About Us page is not just a copy of the text on your Home page. I would also advise you to move your About Us page so that it is the second tab in your navigation menu. It's all out of sync. I'm happy to include an overall website review. Check out my website for more information regarding my experience and services -

Estimated 20 hours
First Five Eight Media

Hi, You require a sales style landing page if I understand correctly. With conversion elements and triggers that encourage people to buy when they visit your page. We have a conversion element checklist which we can use to update your site so that when people visit your site, they are more comfortable doing business with you because their questions are answered and their worries are recognized and averted.

We can support this landing page redesign with a content marketing package which will drive more relevant traffic to the website, and in turn increasing the number of customers


Estimated 80 hours