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hi i have 2 wordpress websites , there are 5 errors in the 2 sites that require fixing, please see details of the work in the attachment. 2 versions sent . don

please note this is not a new website job, it is the fix errors in my existing websites.

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Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Donar,

My name's Jay and I am an 9+ years experienced webdeveloper. I would like to discuss further about your project so that I can submit you a detailed quote.

Please let me know whenever you're available for a quick call . It would be great if you could text me your email address so I can send my work samples for your review .

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards Jay 0451657071

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Yana Technology

I am expert in Wordpress and PHP technologies. You will get benefits of local freelancer. Also I believe in best customer service.

Estimated 6 hours
Net Ninjas

Net Ninjas is a full-service web business operating in Melbourne, Australia. We provide Business Grade Web hosting, Web Development, WordPress Support and Maintenance services and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to customers from all over Australia.

We specialise in WordPress support services.

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Voxtel Web

Hi Donar, I am a Sydney based website developer prefer to work with PHP, Wordpress/Woocommerce, Javascript/Jquery Programming. I have more than 10 years of experience in web Development , Integration and Bug fixing.

I have good knowledge in PHP and wordpress coding standard. This is absolutely necessary to manage existing wordpress website.

Use "Edgetex eShop" or "Travelotes" or "Mobo Direct" on google to see my ongoing Ecommerce development.

To my understanding below is what can be done : Fixing the Trial User Account expire or Subscribe issue. It is related to the subscription system you are using. Websites version update. Addon domain can be used and your website shall be accessible by your old and new domain both. But if your website is expecting a lot of traffic you shouldn't be in a restrictive hosting environment, instead you should host your site to a Managed cloud where you can upgrade/downgrade your hosting resource requirements instantly and you can start in the cloud with similar cost as in general hosting packages in the market. I can suggest you suitable and reputed Cloud hosting provider. when you are changing domain name you have to start SEO for the domain from the scratch and it will take time to get better ranking in search engine. SEO is a continuous process involves regular investment.

I take care testing and Quality Assurance seriously. My work is less buggy. My reviews talks for my Efficiency and Supportive service. Surely I can successfully complete your project.

Estimated 10 hours
SenseICT Pty Ltd

Hi Donar,

I'm an experienced web developer and systems engineer, and would love to assist you with your issues.

I'm Australian based and ready to help with your issues.

Estimated 5 hours
Bode Contagion

Hi Donar,

I'll address each point in your notes:


  1. When we start the job, please show me around the system and grant access to everything so I can see how it all hangs together. Are you using a plugin to achieve this functionality right now, or is this custom code? If you're using a plugin, can you let me know which one it is?

  2. If you're talking about upgrading the WordPress version, this can be done quite easily. If for some reason there is an issue with the usual way of upgrading this way, then the problem will need to be investigated and quoted separately as needed


  1. Same notes as above

  2. This is not a WordPress error, but an issue with your site being visible on Google. You should consult someone who specialises in SEO, or I can refer you.

  3. This depends on where you are seeing this site name. If the site name that you are seeing is against the CPanel name, then the site name does not impact the functionality of the site, as long as you follow the instructions of adding an addon domain as mentioned.

  4. The only site name that matters is what is actually shown on the website (visually to your users and your website code). Having a site named something in CPanel does not impact search rankings.

  5. See notes as above

The cost quoted here is an estimated cost of doing items 1. and 3. This includes GST and initial setup costs. The cost will need to be confirmed upon questions above being answered and initial consultation/inspection of website backend.

Thanks for your time,


Deliver in 6 days
[Deleted user]


I just read your both attached documents and able to fix the listed issues with in 3 to 5 days.

Let me know if your interested in my offer?

Best Regards SDayed

Deliver in 5 days

Hey Donar,

I'm thinking to call you for more clarity, can I have your direct number/Email address please ? I'm equally excited to fix these errors.

Cheers! Rohit +61 2 83187634 rohitp@clavax.