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Across the Fence helps people to live well, to consume less, shop smarter and use the stuff they've got before getting more stuff.

We are seeking to add another 2000 genuine eco businesses to our website community and need assistance to identify suitable candidates. These businesses must be established, but small to medium size and must be trading in eco or sustainable products or services. The categories these businesses would typically fall under are clear on our website at http://www.acrossthefence.com.au/small-planet-traders-directory/60.

You may be interested in working with all categories or specialising in an area you know particularly well. Our preference is to work with different contractors who understand particular speciality areas. (SEO knowledge and writing skills are preferred.)

The role requires the identification of the business and certain information per the attachment provided.

This project is fixed rate, most likely for a set number of provided businesses.

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Brian Smith

Price based on 800 words at 0.03 per word for writing only. Will need clarification on what the request actually requires.

Deliver in 8 days

I am an experienced editor and writer for a new food, drink and restaurant website. In my role I have met with many local food and beverage produces both in the metropolitan area and regionally. I am experienced in social media, creative writing, news, small business, and content submission.

Deliver in 10 days
Curious Seeds - Creative Consult

I have extensive experience working in and writing for the eco / fair trade / health market. I'm a long-time organic food / skincare and lifestyle advocate, and have written press releases, product reviews, website and brochure copy to market these products and raise consumer awareness. Being in the "target demographic" for many of the businesses you have on your web-site means I know I can help you locate more businesses. It's a little tricky to quote for this based on the information provided, but I'd love to work on your project and am open to discuss your needs further and submit a more appropriate quote.

Deliver in 12 days
Curious Press

I'm quite unsure of what to quote for the price, because I generally go on a per word or hourly basis. I'm very flexible, and am open to discussion.

Deliver in 8 days
Matt Buckley
Deliver in 2 days