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OK I have plans of launching a web site that is based on buying and selling of race horses. I've thought the company name, have an IT guy building the site and now I need someone with the gift of the gab to attract customers to my site!

I think I will need ( let me know if I have left anything out): Slogan About us Catch phrases to go with some capturing photos 1-2 short/interesting articles & basically provide the identity/branding of this web site

You will be witty, clever, humorous and not put me to sleep with your previous example articles.

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Miss Bianca Bart

Hello there,

I am quoting $20 for this job because I truly believe I can deliver you the best results. I'm a journalist, copywriter and general wordsmith, able to manipulate language in order to help companies achieve their goals. You slogan, about us, catch phrases and article are in good hands with me - I'm not horsing around.

Let me know if you would like any more information.



Deliver in 8 days
CHAN Essay Me

to create a profile of your company, you must submit to me the name of you company and what could be something special about your horses, key feature of your ranch.

Deliver in 14 days
BNW Writing Enterprises
Deliver in 11 days
Matt Buckley
Deliver in 6 days
Sarah PR Writing Services

You can obviously realized writing for web content can be a real nag. For SEO friendly web content, with relevant information, with a personal touch to engage your clients, I'm your leading lady. I can also provide ongoing articles for your websites at a flat rate of 10 cents per word, averaging on about 300 words per piece. And I promise you won't see the 'horsing around' pun from me.

Deliver in 2 days
Mark Hodgetts

I can write compelling quality copy for you that will be SSEO friendly. IF you would like to visit markhodgetts.com http://markhodgetts.com/category/sport/ and http://markhodgetts.com/category/wordpress/ you will get an overall feel for my writing style.

Deliver in 11 days