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We are looking for a freelancer/contractor for a period of approx 8 months (starting Oct) to implement our event comms strategy.

The tasks required will include (but not be limited to):

  • Creating unique content for regular newsletters and blog posts (this will include interviews with event speakers, past advocates and sponsors as well as using the latest industry news).
  • Driving our social media strategy through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN (aligned with content being created for the newsletters)
  • Generating content which can be distributed to media outlets (advertorials/editorials etc.) - Creating social ads on Facebook


  • to generate new interest in the event through social channels and build our network
  • create renewed interest
  • drive ticket sales

What we are looking for:

  • Ideally, we are looking for someone with a comms/pr or journalism background (we will also consider graduates). Knowledge of eCommerce would be beneficial.
  • We would be needing someone who can work at least 2 days full time.

Rate will be depend on experience.

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Miss Bianca Bart

My hourly rate is $50, and to give you an idea I can complete a relatively simple blog post and edit in about half an hour to forty-five minutes. Over the 8 months, this will fluctuate depending on the work sent through. I look forward to speaking with you further.

Deliver in 4 days
[Deleted user]

Dear Employer I am an Australian based freelancer specializing in Technical Writing, Copy Writing, SEO Writing, Blog Writing, Grpahic Design and Social Media Marketing. I offer my services for the advertised job. I can :

-Produce unique content for newsletter and blog

  • Conduct Interviews
  • Run Social Media Campaign
  • Produce info graphics/Ads for social media
  • Drive ticket sales

I offer plagiarism free, SEO optimized writing services with quality content. I will charge you a rate of 30 AUD per hour. I have been producing high quality content for our clients for more than 10 years. Few samples of my work including technical writing, copy writing, SEO writing and blog writing may be browsed on following link : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxHvqKfPPfNSVkVBOUlQcnJFOUU&usp=sharing If you are interested in hiring my services, our contact details are as follows: E-mail : Shoaib.zafar@gmail.com Cell : + 61 421 768 602 Skype: shoaibzafer Address: 2/23 Meredith St, Broadmeadows, VIC 3047

Estimated 8 hours
Kirra Smith Copywriting

Hi there, I am an experienced copywriter with a strong PR and journalism background. My most recent position was Digital Marketing and PR for a Queensland-based events company and as such, I have experience in writing content to promote ticket sales and generate interest in events. I have previously written newsletters, driven social media strategy (as the social media officer for a not-for-profit), created content for media outlets, blog posts and websites. I also have experience in interviewing and writing content for magazines. I understand the importance of engaging with your customers and communicating in a unique voice to share your message. I have exceptional writing skills and would love to discuss this opportunity further! Thank you.

Estimated 8 hours

I am an experienced editor and content writer currently working for a website based in Perth. I have previous experience in overseeing content submissions, social media activity, editorial articles, research, and product sales. On the side I also coordinate food and drink events, with a key part in generating our social media advertising.

Estimated 8 hours
BNW Writing Enterprises

Above is my estimate for two days full time work, so consider that a weekly salary.

Deliver in 7 days
Tudor Writing Services

Hi Cherylsam. Just quoting my hourly rate; I had to put in an estimated time as the system asks for one, however, I'm flexible with times and can work pretty much most anytime. Please refer to my resume for skills and samples of other work. Thank you.

Estimated 8 hours
Curious Press


I am very interested in applying for the Community Project Officer position in Frankston. As a student currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Community Planning and Development, I believe that the position would be of immense benefit, and allow me to learn a great deal.

Since completing school, I have obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and have worked as a Freelance writer, and a Proofreading and Communications Assistant for the last year. During this time, I have written and/or edited blogs, advertorials, feature articles, scripts, academic level training material, and have been involved in many projects. I am a creatively-minded individual, who recognises the importance of being organised and efficient. I thrive on problem solving, and believe that solutions should be well-thought out and situational.

I would love to be considered for the position that you are advertising, as I have recently started my own freelancing business and am eager to gain as much experience as possible. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.



Estimated 14 hours
Jillian Wheeler
Estimated 16 hours
Josephine Thomas Consulting

The estimated quote is taking into account your desire for two days full time on a weekly basis.

I am a communications writer-editor with over six years experience in both New Zealand and Melbourne, creating newsletters, media releases, blog posts and further communications for distribution both online and in print. My major focuses have been in the health sector and in social development, working to promote programs for positive change and engage audiences from a variety of backgrounds.

I have extensive experience working with social media, as well as working both frontline at events and as part of communications teams to create strategic event plans.

I am happy to meet with you to further discuss this opportunity.

Kind regards,

Josephine Thomas.

Estimated 16 hours
Matt Buckley
Deliver in 13 days
Bineet Sharma
Deliver in 10 days
The Moving Words Company

I have widespread experience as a journalist as well as experience in PR. I worked for The Age Melbourne, The Times in London as well as several other newspapers here and overseas. I now work as a freelance and currently edit a quarterly industry magazine which involves writing, editing and generating news and feature topics. I have previous experience with a major regional airline which involved PR and editing an inflight magazine. In this role I also organised an annual travel writing award and presentation event at various locations around Australia, organised regional airline conferences as well as naming ceremonies for new aircraft. I feel I have the sort of background and experience you are seeking. I am able to devote two days a week to your requirements. Please feel free to ask for work examples and/or further details of my experience.

Estimated 14 hours
Chris Sutton


My hourly rate is $50, so time is dependent on how much work is required. I'm a journalist, have a degree in communication (journalism) and have experience running social media pages for publishing websites. I can give you full time hours on Monday and Wednesday of each week (8am-4pm approx.)and can provide additional hours on other days depending on other projects. I have made the estimated time the weekly price.

Estimated 14 hours
Nicole Vanderkroef

The above quote is the estimated cost per week. My rate is $60/hour. We would need to negotiate exact terms of contract, for example start date, deadlines and exact number of hours / days required. I have worked as a staff journo/editor, as well as a freelance writer for many publications. I've focused on health, education, science and medical rounds mainly, but have also written web copy, marketing material and edited business reports. I've been an academic editor as well, so I'm quite an all-rounder. I specialise in turning technical information into engaging copy. I've also written blogs and opinion pieces and do have experience with marketing collateral / white papers. I'm happy to send through a portfolio for you to look at, if required.

Estimated 14 hours
Black Coffee Communciation

Hi there. I would be interested in learning more about this project. I have more than 20 years background in in journalism, PR and marketing and I have been operating my own copywriting and marketing business now for more than four years. The above quote is for one week, is based on my daily rate of $600 and is negotiable dependent on the retainer agreement. I have experience with event communication, having managed the annual SafeWork SA event and workshops for four years as the Communications Manager for the agency. More recently I have helped a client with their annual industry conference and expo for three years running now - writing articles for their blog and newsletter as well as sharing on social media etc.

If you are interested in learning more about me, you can visit my website - just google Black Coffee Communication, I look forward to hearing from you.



Deliver in 11 days
The Novelist


I do this for clients as a business. I offer: Four platforms set up and managed ( e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) Content Schedule and Posting • Weekly Social Media Content Posts Per Platform of four articles • Build one social Media platform following • Follower Engagement • Monthly Reporting and Analysis Monitoring • Reputation Management. This is a retainer of $3000 a month, and you get me two days a week. You can see more of my work and clients at http://www.socialclimb.com.au

Best wishes,


Deliver in 10 days

Hi, I am a freelance journalist, I have obtained a Bachelor of Communication(majoring in Journalism). Since graduating, I have worked on a variety of newspapers and online. I have quoted $50 an hour-this can be negotiated depending on the amount of hours worked.) I look forward to hearing from you.

Estimated 90 hours
Irrefutable Proof

Hi there! The quote above is for 8 months work. I'm a copywriter, editor and journalist with an eye for detail and the ability to really capture the voice of the people and organisations I write for. I have worked in the industry both here in Australia and overseas, and have a way with words that can speak to whoever it is you're trying to reach – your people are my people! Conversations that translate into engagement – that's what we're after! Looking forward to discussing further.

Deliver in 1 day