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We are looking for someone who can provide us content for finance and property website. This content might include, articles, blogs, newsletter content, whitepapers, etc. The content should be up to date, based on australian market place and well researched.

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Nupur D.
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Anne Cullinan

I am a writer with over 15 years experience, including property and construction articles for national magazines and as a business writer for business publications. most recently I provided copy for real estate newsletters for individual real estate agencies across Australia. I am thorough in research and understand the industry and market well. as a former journalist having worked in newspapers and magazines, I have the ability to write on any subject, articles are grammatically correct and proofread, meet deadlines and provide copy that engages the reader. bid is for $35 per 500 words.

Deliver in 4 days
Rhea D'Souza

With over a decade's worth of experience in the communication industry, I have the skill and expertise to undertake your job pairing meticulous research with reader-resonant content. I have extensive experience writing blogs and articles for the Australian finance and property industry and would love to discuss aspects of your job further. I charge a fee of $40 per 500 words.

Deliver in 5 days
[Deleted user]

Hi I'm a communication professional with over 15 years of experience writing about business, finance and investment topics. I have previously worked for a business newspaper, a publisher of financial planning and business books and writing communications for superannuation funds.

I have also studied a Graduate Diploma in Finance and Investments, which allows me to write with confidence on finance and property investing.

My experience includes writing articles, blogs, newsletters, whitepapers and web content.

I am currently freelancing on a number of financial and business topics and have received great feedback regarding my writing style and content quality.

My rate is $55 per 500 words.

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Zoe Kirby

Highly experienced in copy writing. Current occupation is to write content for clients to ensure sales are boosted and word of mouth is increased. I understand marketing techniques such as ghostwriting and the difference between newsletter writing and blog writing etc. Have extensive experience working for Queensland Homes magazine, providing me with insight into the homes industry. I would firstly ask for a brief from you of the products and business I would be writing about, conduct relevant research/ interviews before writing content. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my previous work/ capabilities.

Deliver in 3 days
[Deleted user]

Based in Melbourne, I am a professional and senior communicator, formerly head of communications and marketing for a major bank, as well as progressing into bank general management. Most recently I had my own credit licence and mortgage broking business, and worked closely with real estate and property agents in locating residential and commercial properties and finance for clients. In short, I know property and finance (including property investment analysis) back to front, and inside out, and know how to craft words that resonate and are relevant to diverse target markets. In recent years I have crafted finance and property articles and blogs for major banks and financiers for their private banking clients, and their small business and retail customers. I have access to the very latest property data, and understand the property market, its drivers, and opportunities. Never boring, and always avoiding jargon, I have a reputation for plain and persuasive language. And best of all, I can work closely with you in Melbourne. Please contact me for samples of some of my work and judge for yourself; you will be working with more than a wordsmith but with someone who knows and understands the property market. My rate for articles and blogs is 20 cents per word, or $100 for a 500 word article, with very fast turn-around. White papers generally require more research time and I would be prepared to negotiate very reasonable rates for these separately.

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Kimberley Publications

I am one of Australia's leading business copywriters and the author of five books (one a bestseller). My clients have included the fastest-growing app development firm in Australia, the country's most influential ocean conservation non-profit and one of Australia's leading insurance companies. I have crafted numerous articles in the financial and property fields (how to pay off your mortgage more quickly, home security, tips on 'smarter living at home', planning for retirement, personal finance tips, etc.).

At present, my going rate for most writing tasks is 25 cents per word, which translates to $125 for 500 words. For white papers, my rate depends on the specifics of what you require - I'm happy to negotiate. If you have any questions at all, I invite you to contact me. As an in-demand writer, I tend to set my own deadlines once I know the scope of work for a particular content batch. But once they're set, I never miss them. As this sounds like ongoing work, I have put '365 days' in the 'time to complete' box on this application. My 'bid' is $125 per 500 words.

Cheers, Kevin Casey

Deliver in 365 days
Third Eye - word works

My content writing experience includes both property and financial topics. I have written blogs, articles, and whitepapers, as well as creating newsletters.

Previously I had a successful career in sales and marketing and am a qualified librarian with excellent research skills.

I regularly Skype with my clients to ensure messages are clearly understood and the right tone is achieved.

Living is Australia and up-to-date with current affairs, I have a good understanding of the Australian market place.

Estimated 7 hours

Hi, I am very organised, scheduled and strict with deadlines. I ensure that all my work is grammatically perfect and consider myself an efficient, effective and fast writer.

I research thoroughly and precisely to ensure 100% accuracy, originality.

I have a growing interest in finance and properties and I can assure you that I will have every article, blogs, newsletters and other content completed of only the highest standards and can complete well before the deadline.

Hire me and I can assure you only the best content of top quality.

I will quote you for $30 per 1000-2000 word article.

Deliver in 30 days
Bree Vreedenburgh

Can you please advise more details - for example: Is the site freestanding, revenue-generating or connected to an external business?
Are you seeking a constant flow of articles over a longer period of time, or a once-off burst?
Finance and property are two very broad category - are you seeking someone with experience in these fields, or someone who can research them online?
What is the target audience for your site?

Nupur D.

Hi bree,

The websites are connected to a business and source for revenue for the business. We are located in melbourne and looking for content on a continuous basis. I know that finance and property are broad, but we are not looking for something particular. We are looking for someone who can write and it does not have to be particularly about what we offer but can be loosely related. Everything else can be discussed upon hiring.