Xamarin Mobile App for Asset Lubrication Analysis

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Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Freelance / Casual

The project is to build the front-end of a cross-platform mobile app. The app must be built using Xamarin (Microsoft Visual Studio) and compatible with Android and iOS.

The API for the app exists (REST HTTP). Data is returned in JSON format.

At this stage I am looking for a rough time/cost estimate as the specifications are not yet fully defined or detailed.

Ideally the freelancer will be located in Brisbane and able to work in an office in Newstead, but I am open to remote work for the right freelancer.

User Functions Required:

Login/Authentication (Username/Password using JSON Web Tokens provided by existing API) Filter Machines By Customer Filter Machines By Group Search For Machines (Name/Tag Number) Filter Components By Machine Search For Components (Name/Tag Number) Locate Machine/Component/Sample Point by Scanning QR Code View Recent Oil Analysis Report Data Download PDF Oil Analysis Report Register Samples Create Machines & Components? Edit Machine Information Edit Component Information View Component Attachments View Component Information - Capacity, OEM requirement, lube colour, sampling information, filling information View Component Sample History

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David B.
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Submitted 12 Mar 2020 at 01:59
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Akt Solutions

Hi David, I am a freelancer, based in Brisbane and operate from home. Please let me know if you are interested for catch up to discuss the project in detail and understand the expectations and requirements.

I have developed over 5 xamarin forms apps for android and ios, with similar conceptual features.

Please ignore the estimated cost provided with this bid, it's very rough and might not be accurate.


Deliver in 90 days
Webby Monks

Hi David,

We're a Full-Service Digital Agency proficient in building performance-based mobile apps/website/e-commerce and digital marketing services.

We've got out offices in San Diego, Sydney, Amsterdam and India.

Going through your brief for the app project. We'd be happy to build it for you.

Let me know your thoughts and we can start the process through email conversation as well.

Deliver in 45 days

Hi David,

We're based in Canberra, however we've built a couple of Xamarin apps for clients in Brisbane and remoteness wasn't an issue. Everything you've mentioned sounds like our bread and butter. Even QR code scanning & generation is stuff we've done with a Xamarin Forms app before (for Australian Pork Limited). I'd be happy to chat at any time about your project.

Regards, Jared

Deliver in 30 days

Hi David, We are a growing, family-owned software development studio, you can find more details about us on our website https://snapio.com.au/ and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergeychtcherbakov https://au.linkedin.com/in/nikosh

We are .Net / C# software engineers and have built Xamarin apps in the past, before starting our own software development studio. I'm based in Brisbane, so meeting in person to understand all requirements and provide a more accurate estimate is not an issue. We are all working from home and will be able to work on the project in parallel to speed up the delivery.

We offer a promo price of $60 + GST while we building up our portfolio and all our estimates will be based on our hourly rate.

Kind Regards,


Snapio | Handcrafted Digital Solutions

Deliver in 90 days
Webby Monks

Hi David,

I represent a Full Service Digital Agency that can definitely support you with this project of yours. Would you mind conversating over email?

Here's my email address: siddhant@uplers.net

I'd be awaiting your email.

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