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Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
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Hello, We are an education publisher, about to launch a new digital product in the Character Education space in the UK and Australia. We have a library of first-person short stories about the lives and achievements of amazing people, that requires checking for spelling, punctuation, grammar, lauguage, etc. (no content review - purely editorial). Each story is about 1000 words long and we have 60 stories. (some are slightly more and some slightly under, but 1000 is an average). Sample story attached. We would need this to be done over a period of about 2-3 weeks. We envisage from experience that this would take no more than 20-30 minutes per story. We are happy to pay by the hour if we can get an estimate, or can agree to a fixed price . All rights reserved. Attached sample story is the copyrighted content of Amazing People Worldwide.

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Hi How are you? I would love to assist you with this task. I have over 20 years experience in many admin/ word processing tasks including proof reading and transcribing. I have an excellent eye for detail and I could check edit these stories for you within 10 days. I am available to start immediately and will give you a fixed quote for the complete 60 items. Thank you for reading my proposal and I hope to hear from you soon Warm regards Nita

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Sharon Keleher

Hello, I would love to help with your project. I could edit your stories within a couple of weeks, and I’d be happy to discuss with you any choices of style or uniformity you may have in mind. I have a good comprehension of correct grammar, and can access accurate referencing required and editing tools particularly in reference to unusual or medical grammar. ( as seen in your document supplied ) Regardless, the example is definitely something within my capacity and I would be very happy to work with you or independently on this. Please feel free to contact me to chat. Thank you. Kind Regards, Sharon K

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Ken Randall


I am the editor of a weekly news digest and a newsletter. I was the editor of another newsletter in the past. I have done the work mentioned in this task as part of that.

I did English and History at university, and am qualified as a teacher of English as a Second Language (TESOL). I teach as a volunteer.

The text below overlaps with a picture, and is virtually unreadable.

"In 1910, he left his wife and we had a relationship. People in the science community knew , and the gossip developed into a so-called scandal , which is hard to believe in Paris , where an affair was de rigueur."

I would say that there should be no overlap between text and pictures. Also, the French expression "de rigueur" may seem clever since these events took place in Paris, but the average reader of this material may well not know what it means.

I would also think that "Sexism and my being Polish" is better than "Sexism and being Polish".

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Milton Toal

I have just last week completed an ebook of about 45 pages with photos and graphics so I have time for your project My book teaches why dogs attack people, how to train them so they don't and how to handle dog attacks on you or others. I have written large technical reports, large safety analyses, designed huge projects and implementation procedures such as how to maintain airports throughout Australia and over many decades. I am now semi-retired. I am pedantic about grammatical correctness and spot errors immediately. I am very fast, hence the low quote. I will proofread your work in two sessions per day and return them in half-day batches to you. Feel free to call me now should you wish more background and while we are working on your project.

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Kylie's Writing and Editing Projects

I work as a Teacher Librarian. In my first degree I did honors in English and a Graduate Dip Ed. In2008, I completed a Master of Teacher Librarianship and in 2017, I finished a Master of ICT in Education. I have a passion for literature and a particular interest in children's literature. I am interested in your project and would love to have a part in it.

I work four days per week in my role as a Teachet-Librarian. I could proofread/edit 20 stories per week on my days off. At half an hour per story that was estimated, that would see me working approximately 10 hours extra per week to complete the task.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact me via email if you have any questions.



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Opal's words

As i embark on my journey as a writer and editor, this work will be a true reflection of what i have been through. Recently surviving cancer i will be the one to tell the amazing people stories as i am already powerfully telling.

The work will be sorted into alphabetical surrnames and i will systematically correct punctuation and mould into an interesting tale of amazing people.

Pl ease feel free to contact me at any time. Regards opal Adamson

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Bookworm Edit & Proof

To introduce myself:

I'm a Digital Audit Techniques Analyst employed in the Commonwealth Public Service. My role requires close scrutiny and detailed analysis of information which I receive in various formats.

I also provide accommodation to Japanese students studying English in the QUTIC programme (QUT International College) at QUT Kelvin Grove campus. Apart from assisting them to adjust to our 'Aussie' culture, I help them with their studies including proofreading their homework and assignments.

Having reviewed the example provided, this appears to be similar in length and complexity to the examples the students initially review as part of their studies, and which I then assess to help with their spelling, punctuation and grammar. Based on this, two to three hours per day over a 3 week period would certainly ensure all sixty stories would be reviewed effectively and to a high standard.

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions. Regards Sandra Gaudens

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