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cartoon/ design of various illustrations for upcoming book for once off job but potentially in years to come will release more books. flexible with either pay full price for images or pay less for images with more exposure given to illustrator throughout the book. Illustrations are relatively simple and shouldnt take more than a few hours so not looking to pay too much here.

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hk graphic design
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Estimated 10 hours
Lauren Lopatko

I would definitely require more details for this job, depending on the illustration it could take anything from a minimum of 3 to 10 hours, and of course depends on how many illustrations you are looking for. Happy to negotiate a price that works for both of us. Thanks, Lauren.

Estimated 10 hours
Heck-Roth Illustration

I'd be happy to create a quick sketch beforehand.

Best Regards Michael

Deliver in 11 days
Impact Marketing Services
Estimated 10 hours
Studio Seven
Estimated 10 hours
[Deleted user]

Hi Dan,

Illustration is quite time consuming work so if you are trying to keep cost down it would be good for you to have a very clear idea or instruction brief of what you would like before a designer starts work.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Kind Regards, Jade

Estimated 10 hours